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    September 03, 2018

    5 tips to digitize your store

    You probably already noticed the digital equipment that has started to appear in stores. You maybe even thought about outfitting your own store? You’re wondering if it’s worth it, but mostly how and why to take the step? See it as a logical evolution. Today, the digitalisation of the POS is a necessity to stay in the race. If your competitors haven’t yet outfitted themselves, then it’s up to you to get a head start.


    1: Seduce your clients with digital signage!

    Your clients are permanently connected and reading on screens. Their expectations, when it comes to deciding what to buy evolve and become more and more specific.. Logically, the traditional, physical POS is transformed. One of the answers to this change in behaviour is digital signage. The screens attract the attention, are generally connected to the internet and broadcast updated information. Their usage is flexible, and the content is contextualised depending on the person in front of the screen. If you have a hard time convincing your targets with your current campaigns, change the means and opt for a connected screen!

    2: Throw the paper out!

    Traditional printed signage has a hard time rivalling modern day technologies. Paper signage is static, expensive and can only be used once! Digital signage replaces all of that! It offers precise targeting, real-time updates, very advanced interactivity, the possibility to reuse content…. The image of your store will change, and the customers will see you as a modern firm. Never forget that a convinced and seduced client is a loyal client!

    3: Produce quality content!

    Though digital signage is a great tool to connect your store, the real key to good communication is the quality of the content! When creating your content, think about your specific targets, about the time and place where it will be broadcasted, and about how to make your content interactive and how to respect the firms’ graphic charter. Digital signage divides your communication according to age range, gender or screen position… It unveils its full potential when armed with quality content. It’s a powerful tool which helps you reach your goals, whether it be sales goals, making your customers loyal, informing them or communicating. Power needs to be mastered though! It is important to use it well and update it whenever possible. This technology is in constant evolution, and should be maintained, it’s up to you to use all the possibilities that it offers!

    4: Offer a new and extraordinary experience!

    The price is not the only factor when it comes to the purchase of a product: henceforth the universe offered by the seller around the product counts in the final decision. The client becomes attentive to the way the store markets their product. They will certainly be more inclined to buy a product if they find their daily environment in the store: screens, personalised messaging, interactivity… Digital signage guides, informs and plays with the client, it makes your store into a place that is resolutely turned towards the customer experience.

    A well-positioned digital signage screen in the showcase attracts the eye.

    5: Bet on interactivity!

    The relationship with the client has evolved substantially, the consumers read more and more reviews and compare the prices online rather than talking to a salesman. It thus becomes harder and harder for vendors to develop a quality relationship with the potential customer. One of the keys to unlock this gridlock is digital signage. Through this communication tool, the heart of the relationship with the client - dialogue - is restored. These connected screens create a new interaction with the in-store visitors. The on-screen information is directly addressed to the person looking at it. A priceless understanding is created! If your content is personalised, interactive, contextualised, and up-to-date you can profit of all the advantages of this new technology.

    It’s true, the consumers are ever more demanding, but it’s not impossible to adapt. It’s simply necessary to step in to the hyper connected world in which we live! Your shop needs interactivity and personalised content, it has become important to create an innovating buying experience for the customers, and digital signage is a technology that answers all these demands. Once outfitted, your store is visually transformed, the visitors perceive the changes and see that your firm develops in their direction. They will be more trusting and attentive to your announcements.

    Your turn to play!

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