September 03, 2018

    6 reasons why you should use digital signage in your store

    You can, at first, read our article on Understanding digital signage to familiarize yourself with the subject. A dynamic display will always be better than a simple paper billboard or a flash drive connected to your television. Multiple reasoning’s can bring you to this conclusion, the reason why? In any case, you’ll be winning out!

    1 – An improved memorisation

    A customer looking to buy enters your store and sees your products broadcasted on your digital connected display. The client will automatically be guided in his purchase (for example by offering products in promotion or a new product). This equipment will certainly make an impression on any customer who will remember your product and store it in a part of his memory. You can also position your digital signage display in your shop window in order to draw customers to your store. This screen will certainly showcase your products better than a simple paper billboard.

    2 – Compulsive purchase

    Digital signage is the a multiplied way of showcasing your product, thus the client is more inclined to buy your product. Whether the display be in the shop window (visible from outside the store) or inside the shop, good content and a contextualized display will inexorably produce the compulsive need to purchase. You can even use sound, but all is best in moderation! A sound nuisance can make the clients flee your store! Take a look at the use of sound in digital signage.


    3- Lively and useful content

    The screen is connected to the internet and can thus show information like the weather, the opening hours, the news… Your screen can become a real point of information and an attraction! You will then become a connected store.

    4- Link between online and offline

    The habits of the consumer have changed. 80% of consumers state that they check on the internet before buying something. While it’s true that online sales have progressed 35 times faster than sales in conventional stores, the French still prefer the good old shop. We talk about that in a previous article on this subject. It is however necessary to adapt to these new modes of consumption. One of the answers can be found in the digitalisation of the point of sale, and digital signage is the best way to do that! The consumer who has the habit of checking the products online, will feel right at home and will be in the best situation to purchase. Digital signage becomes the link between online and offline. If your store has an online shop, then the link becomes even stronger: the customer finds his product and his way around the store easier.

    5- Selling publicity space (and rapidly repaying the cost of the initial equipment)

    Digital signage attracts, but not only consumers! You will certainly be envied. The surrounding (non-competing) shops will want to profit off your digital signage space by broadcasting their promotions or new items on your screen. Considering that the digital signage system belongs to you, You’re free to sell publicity space to whomever you like! An alliance between the shops of the same mall will create a natural course of purchase and increase the sales of all.

    Communiquer simplement sur écran affichage digital

    6- The extremely simple use of the management software

    The advantage with digital signage is that it does the job in your stead. With Cenareo for example, the management software for your campaigns is ultra-easy. Intuitive and playful, it’s very simple to master! In a matter of minutes, you can broadcast wonderfully beautiful campaigns on your screens. Moreover, you can manage your content from any device (computer, tablet, smartphone) with an internet connection (3G, 4G, Wi-Fi).

    Of course, the advantages of digital signage are much more numerous and you can discover them by following our blog.

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