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    September 04, 2018

    The case of a customer: installing digital signage at Sigfox

    Sigfox (worldwide network for the internet of things) uses the Cenareo solution to steer its internal communication screen fleet in its different branches. They chose this solution as a way to broadcast information to its employees around the world. Sigfox uses its digital signage system to inform and unite its employees, to develop a company culture and to broadcast the companies’ values.


    Reception at Sigfox’s HQ

    Quite often, the rapid growth of a company is accompanied by high recruitment needs, and thus by a large increase in the number of employees. The importance of internal communication increases and constitutes a major challenge. It then becomes crucial to broadcast pertinent information rapidly, to all its co-workers, all while uniting the new teams.

    That is for example the case of Sigfox, that chose Cenareo’s digital signage solution to dynamize its internal communication. A recap of its use.

    Specialised in low-flow transmission networks, Sigfox is the developer of the first internet of things network (or IoT), which allow a reliable, low-cost connection between objects. Its exceptional growth was however accompanied by complex communication challenges.

    What way could there then be to easily transmit messages to all branches of the company?

    Digital signage is a dynamic communication tool allowing to broadcast messages on a network of screens. Its strength resides essentially in the possibilities to manage the screens from a distance, to manage them in a collaborative fashion and in the speed of the content updates. The advantages are instantaneous: the equipped place is transformed and the co-workers are better informed. The image of the company evolves and modernizes, the services are better advertised to the visitors.

    When digital signage is installed in the offices of a company for internal communication, the circulation of information is instantly boosted. On-screen communication creates a feeling of belonging in the employees, since the broadcasted messages are addressed to all the co-workers: in this way they are united around the same goal. The values of the company are asserted thanks to a harmonised and unified communication that goes all the way to internal information.

    Sigfox chose the Cenareo solution to manage its screen fleet for employees and visitors. The simplicity and flexibility of the solution allows them to manage the screen fleet from all their branches, and to involve the employees by offering them a dynamic expression space.


    Sigfox’s showroom is used to present different products to the visitors

    A collaboratively managed screen fleet

    Sigfox has offices in the four corners of the world. It then becomes necessary to possess a multi-site screen communication solution, that is efficient, and simple to use: that’s exactly what Cenareo offers.

    Thanks to the flexibility of the Cenareo solution, and most notably its collaborative management, Sigfox can steer its screens with precision and adapt its on-screen communication to the already created company structure. Each office has its independence yet some broadcasting time is reserved for information that concerns all. That is to say that the screens of the Paris office broadcast location specific messages for the local teams but also general messages, which are broadcasted on all Sigfox screens. In this way, the communication teams can speak to all employees in a unified manner, but also transmit a modern and digital brand image to the visitors.

    Screens that quickly become essential

    Situated at the reception, near the coffeemaker or at the entrance to meeting rooms, the screens have quickly become indispensable information points for all co-workers. They broadcast the team’s schedule or the availability of meeting rooms, the month-to-month objectives and results, and the news of the teams; all in real-time. Naturally, the screens have become an essential element of the internal communication strategy. Though the majority of the screens are connected to the internal services and are automatically updated, the communication team can take control at any time, during an event or to welcome important visitors. For example, during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in March 2016, the team on the spot could control the screen from afar and broadcast information, photos and videos in real-time, thus making the stand extremely dynamic and attractive.

    « Before Cenareo, our internal communication was limited to instant message systems or e-mail. But we needed something quicker, more efficient. Setting up the screens with the Cenareo solution in our offices has allowed for a more fluid flow of information, and a synchronisation of our message. Now, the activities of the different services are transparent and the values of the company are known to all. »

    Thomas Goubin, Communications Manager, Sigfox

    For Sigfox, this gave better informed co-workers (as much about the companies’ actions as about the deeds of each branch), but it’s also the identity and culture of the company that are asserted. Lastly, a dynamic and modern reception demonstrates the values of Sigfox to its visitors.


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