Digital Signage, Internal communication
    September 01, 2018

    Digital signage for your internal communication

    Internal communication as a factor of cohesion and motivation

    In your reception, and placed in strategic spots of your company, a digital signage solution will inform your visitors and embellish your image while also increasing the feeling of belonging amongst your employees. An efficient internal communication is a great motivation tool and makes it possible to transmit information about the company: results, meeting debriefings, strategic choices, etc.…


    It is often hard to bring together or at least muster the different services in large structures, thanks to digital signage you now have a real way of federating and mobilising all your employees.

    Digital signage, the most relevant solution for your internal communication

    Digital signage is now becoming the new norm to communicate effectively in a company for multiple reasons:

    • Increase your visibility by simultaneously broadcasting in all the company’s strategic areas: meeting and training rooms, cafeteria’s, workshops, storage spaces, receptions, hallways, etc.
    • Involve and stimulate your teams: a dynamic presentation of your objectives, of your global strategy, of your debriefings, etc.
    • Arouse the interest of the largest possible number by adding information feeds (news, sports results, weather …) to attract their attention and to pass on institutional messages without losing the attention of your employees.
    • Stand out from the competition by opting for a dynamic communication policy: seduce your clients, suppliers, and visitors thanks to a personalized welcome at the reception.


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