September 03, 2018

    Digital signage to boost the customer experience

    Through its openness to the public, and its capacity to evolve digital signage, has proved to be the best communication tool for commercial firms. A product of the most recent technologies, digital signage is a system composed of connected screens (linked to the Internet) on which content is broadcasted, that is managed and controlled from a distance.

    A tool to inform customers in real time

    The first and foremost use of this capacity to broadcast in real-time, is the provision of information. Through the connected screens the clients receive all the information that the marketer wants to convey to them. Whether it be a price, a sale, a new offer or a new service, it becomes easy to inform the client of it. From their point of view, their desires in terms of information are satisfied, and that is a great advantage for the marketer in terms of attractiveness, conveyed image and created trust.


    A tool that offers change

    If the term « dynamic » often accompanies the terms « digital signage », it’s not just for no reason; it’s because it makes sense. It is evident that the dynamic character implies something non-static, evolving, and varying. That is what digital signage offers: content that can be managed from afar. This management also implies that you can easily jump from one content to another, or that you can insist longer on one specific message that you deem important, or that you could automate certain actions. In this way, the broadcasted content follows perfectly without any human intervention and holds on to a marketing logic in order to reach the customers in the best possible way.
    Digital signage also allows a great diversity in the type of content that one can broadcast. From text, through static images, and animated images, to videos, on one screen or synchronized on multiple screens; there really is that many types of content that you can broadcast. The customers are thus offered different types of content; this reduces the sensation of monotony, and incites their curiosity.

    Contextualised messaging

    This tool allows you to contextualise broadcasted messages, thanks to the possibility of modifying the broadcast in a matter of seconds, and the possible interactions with different external services. These can be broadcasted only in certain specific conditions, which are defined beforehand by the marketer. The weather conditions, the geographical position , the opening hours, the presence of certain people are all possible triggers for the marketing team to contextualise certain broadcasted messages and to increase their impact on the clients.


    Psychological effects on the customers

    In the commercial domain, beyond the general purpose of informing, and transmitting information that we generally give to communication, it is also done to convince and to encourage some action. Digital signage has a number of advantages in this sense. When the customer receives the information that he wishes to see, he is reassured, this puts them in a trusting mood towards the brand. Multiple customers can be reached through the images on the connected screens. Whether they be regular customers or new clients, they will all have a tendency to become loyal to the shop that made them trust it, and that communicates with them. Times of sales or the launching of a new product are also privileged moments for digital signage. The style and energetic character of the images can be a very pleasant experience for the customer: they will not hesitate to act in the way that they are encouraged, to make a compulsive purchase, or to subscribe to an offer.

    Specific advantages of organising at multiple levels

    New clients that become regulars means more products sold, and the average number of sales increasing. In an equal way, by transmitting numerous messages, the connected screens serve as an intermediary between the brand and the customers. It is an efficient way of getting closer to the clients, to start a dialogue with them. Furthermore, there is one aspect that shouldn’t be ignored when talking about digital signage. Certain stores have understood this well, and assisted by their agencies, they overflow with creativity and ingenuity to transform their interior and showcases into real theatre stages, in order to attract new visitors. Once the establishment is visited more often, the global sales start to rise, and the average shopping cart gets fuller and fuller.


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