September 03, 2018

    The results of ISE 2016 by CityMeo

    The 13th edition of Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) was held from the 9th to the 12th of February in Amsterdam. This professional exhibition is a reference in our domain, and that of electronic systems in general.

    With 43 000 m² of exhibition, ISE is the reference fair for the professionals of the audio-visual world.

    The exhibition happened at the RAI Amsterdam, a large complex harbouring 14 halls destined to host events of a large nature. Hall 8 was entirely dedicated to digital signage. Approximately 10 times larger than the Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas, whether it be in terms of visitors or size, ISE is the largest fair in the world dedicated to this sector.

    Naturally, the biggest screen builders were present, but many others unveiled new products of theirs’.

    Our first impressions were unanimous: the fair was so large that you could easily get lost in it if it wasn’t so well managed, with such a precise usage of signs.

    It was impossible to miss the digital signs to find your way.

    This being an audio-visual fair, it was the most screens we ever saw per square meter. The best of home cinemas, video projectors and ultra-high definition screens was being shown. Enough to daze and amaze us for four days.

    The first screen with 8K resolution to be brought on the market by Sharp, here shown in 85 inch size.

    Among the hundreds of exhibitors, we found some small miracles, like this 4K screen with an integrated 3D function that doesn’t need glasses.

    A screen made by Ultra-D.

    Or this transparent LED screen composed of thousands of LED’s, made for a large space.

    A screen made by the Taiwanese company OptoTech.

    Is the usage stronger than the tech?

    One of the positive points of the fair was the presence of a very large majority of professionals. This means less time loss for the exhibitors, since business is the principal function of the ISE. The installations regurgitate in inventiveness and size to attract investors, sellers or salesmen.
    We know what we are talking about when we say that the exchanges at the stalls were precise, and the people present had a very clear idea of their needs. This changes from the usual commercial exchanges: trying to convince them of the benefits of digital signage becomes useless, since they are already convinced. The discussion was immediately redirected to the usage, and how to use a system of digital signage in the best possible way.

    CityMeo makes digital signage interactive

    It’s precisely in this niche that CityMeo is constantly evolving. Our solution pushes the possibilities offered by digital signage to the maximum while still being extremely simple to use. We presented our latest innovations on our stall shared with Eikeo who have developed technologies for this tool.

    Facial recognition, an Eikeo solution, coupled to the CityMeo solution, has at first bluffed the visitors, who were all used to seeing large screen, but not to this kind of usage with such an enormous commercial protection. This allows the screen to change content in function of the individual passing before the screen.

    The screen recognizes the gender and age of the person who looks at it.

    Interactive synchronisation of screens

    We also gave the possibility to visitors to start a video from afar thanks to their smartphone (or other connected object like a tablet, a button, etc.…) on two synchronised screens (the image is then spread at once over the two screens). The screen walls were legion at ISE, but very little of them offered what we offered: the synchronisation of screens on demand.

    CityMeo offers to steer screens from your smartphone.

    ISE 2016, a reflection of the great shape of the digital signage market

    The observers of the fair noticed a much stronger dynamic in the “digital signage” hall compared to the previous years. The number of exhibitors was far larger, among them many new faces with impressive innovations. This effervescence is beneficial; the tech is arriving at a certain level of maturity, which bodes well for the future of digital signage.

    With a growing attendance clocking in at 65 000 visitors, the next edition of Integrated Systems Europe has already been announced starting from the 7th to the 10th of February 2017, still at the RAI in Amsterdam.

    See you next year?


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