September 03, 2018

    Tourist offices, reinvent your welcoming strategy

    For a large number of visitors, the tourist office is the first impression of a region. Therefore, it has to be a warm and friendly reception point. Moreover, to fall in the continuity of previous online research, the reception has to be digital, modern and to respond rapidly, in the best way, to the demands of the tourists. Digital signage is a modern and innovative communication tool that allows you to control screens in real-time and from afar. This new way of communication allows you to transform a reception or waiting space by making it more lively and by revitalising the communication between the office and the visitors. Numerous usage scenarios allow you to manage your screens in whatever way you see fit, to involve multiple actors in the management or to have the visitors interact with it by offering playful experiences.


    Magnify the reception with digital signage

    Reception places, like tourist offices, are transforming: the tourists and vacationers, evermore connected, now prefer online research (website, comments and opinions…) before ever coming in to a tourist office. Reconnecting the digital research of the vacationer with the information offered in the tourist office then becomes essential. To guarantee an optimal reception quality, the right information for the tourists, and the homogenization of the message between website and office, a digital signage solution becomes an indispensable communication tool.

    Thanks to its digital aspect, its connected component and its great flexibility, digital signage makes it possible to broadcast numerous, enriched messages in a minimum of time. As a great ally of all communicators, it’s a powerful tool capable of transforming the way in which the visitors perceive the reception of an office. Activities, services, cultural information, events... can be added to your screens in a matter of seconds and are automatically updated.

    Such a solution also makes it possible to respond in an intelligent manner to the problems of rush hour (signage, redirection of visitors or diminishment of the waiting sensation). Augmented by an interactive dimension, a digital signage system allows you to really create a dialogue with the visitors, to respond to their demands and to give them the best possible experience. Moreover, it allows tourist offices to collect information about the vacationers (number of passages, most searched for information, centres of interest…)

    Why outfitting a tourist office with screens?

    Whether it be to inform tourists, to guide them or to make them wait during rush hour, to promote the office, the partners or the region, the benefits of this technology are legion.. It responds perfectly to the problems that a reception space could face:

    • Effortless information

      Weather, local information, alerts, news and agendas are examples of what you could broadcast. These broadcasts, which can be placed in a loop, will easily replace paper posters and allow giving tourists a first level of information. The majority of solutions also offer the possibility of taking control of these messages to broadcast punctual or priority information, with a limited time span, and then to restart the loop.

    • Give advice, easily and in real-time

      Most digital signage solutions offer the possibility of incorporating third party app information. This makes the content dynamic, and the information can then be updated in real-time and without human intervention. Transport schedules, reservations, price lists, excursion ideas, cultural animations and travelogues become easy to broadcast. The frequently asked questions can then be taken care of automatically and the agents can then concentrate on the most important part of their job: reception and advice.

    • Promoting your region

      Digital signage screens are a perfect tool to broadcast images, videos and presentation films of the region. They offer a simple, quick and extremely effective way to showcase the services of the office, the partner network, or the cultural heritage of the county. The partners benefit from a heightened visibility and the region is shown in another light: excursions, places to visit and accommodations win out in number of visitors.

    Digital signage, often accompanied by powerful management and creation tools, is a perfect way to easily boost a reception space.

    Communicate in a more efficient and less time consuming manner

    Digital signage is a multifaceted tool which allows for numerous different uses, all with ease. Leaving all of the content management to the office, delegating it to a service provider or sharing the screen between the region and the office are some of the possible examples. With its flexibility it can adapt to many ways of using it.

    Adding content from a computer, integrating dynamic content from external sources or that was newly created with the creation tools offered by the service provider becomes child’s play.

    By scheduling the broadcasts it becomes possible to contextualise the display and to avoid a skiing promotion in summer or an ice cream publicity on rainy days. For a grouping, it allows the targeting of geographically precise zones. Lastly, it’s an excellent way of diversifying your communication by planning different content for the morning and the afternoon, according to the days of the week, or by privileging some specific content for days with nice weather...

    The signage is optimised, management time is reduced to a minimum and the visitors easily find the information that interests them.

    Have your visitors participate and surprise them

    Thanks to Cenareo’s interactive technology, you can offer your visitors the possibility to interact with your screens. With an installed terminal, with connected objects or simply from their phones, they can steer the screens and choose the broadcast they want to see. With a tablet, the user can choose from a catalogue of content which you make disposable for him: guides, discovery films, official videos of places or activities... Their choice is then instantly broadcasted on your screen between your programmed content. This content will immediately pick up after the end of the visitors chosen content without any intervention on your part. It is also very easy to install interactive games, which makes the reception and transmission of information more interesting.


    Questionnaires, satisfaction surveys, visitor counter, digital guestbook, games to win discounts, voting for a “favourite” part of the region, a knowledge quiz after a visit… these are all possibilities that will make your tourist office a fun, friendly and welcoming place.


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