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    September 30, 2019

    Can phone retailers get smarter with smartphone sales?



    In retailing, the main challenge today is to continue selling against a background of cluttered shelves, restricted space and aim to push back against the omnipresence of the Internet and increasing online sales. Shopping online has completely altered customers’ expectations, and has caused a huge shift in the paradigm of shopping, where customers almost demand that the product and service be simple, quick and enjoyable; it is critical for today's bricks and mortar retailers to respond robustly by offering savvy customers the absolute best experience.

    Here we're going to look how switched-on mobile phone retailers could harness the power of in-store retail digital signage software with detection, to dramatically improve the customer experience whilst multiplying the chances of the ever-so-important add-on sale or impulse buy.

    Too much choice, too crowded, too slow

    A major difficulty in mobile phone shops is the sheer number of phone choices (average 80), and the huge volume of accessories (average 500) which 90% of won’t even be relevant as they’re mostly phone/model specific. These types of shops also tend to be crowded, with the associated long queues and unhappy customers . Our goal is to try and maximise the customer experience, with the right information delivered at the right time, to speed up their decision process, and thus make their purchase more enjoyable. We’re going to look at a scalable ‘phygital’ (physical/digital) strategy, which is the most powerful way we believe, phone retailers can meet and usurp the online competition, whilst responding to the expectations of the “digitally experienced” consumer. By adding a clean, beautiful and magical experience that cannot be replicated online, we will re-invent their physical points-of-sales.

    “Today, the brands that can offer a personalised experience will see a jump in their revenues by between 6 and 8%, and growth 2 to 3 times quicker than the ones that don’t” *


    Small screen to big screen

    So the customer enters the boutique and is looking for the right phone, or has already chosen a phone and is in the store looking for other complimentary products. They may well be in a rush, and want to head quickly to the till, but if there are too many choices, they may become frustrated in their search and leave the store without buying anything! You want these customers’ attention, for them to take an interest, make a quick decision and take action. The focal points in phone shops tend to be the large tables or shelves of phones on display, so we will focus our solution there. By installing a row of digital screens behind or next to the phones, sensors on each display phone and Cenareo signage software, you can create a captivating experience which will delight and engage the customer. Here’s how it works:

    • Customer picks up phone
    • A sensor on the phone detects movement on the iPhone X+ 64 GB, for example
    • The sensor sends a message to the Cenareo media player driving the screens
    • The media player delivers targeted content to each of three connected screens
    • Screens display: Exact phone model on the first screen, the pricing/subscription options of the selected phone on the second screen, and finally a selection of the accessories available in-store for that model of phone
    • The customer puts the phone down
    • Comparable models are displayed across the three screens and/or a promotional offer is made on that phone


    We could take this concept even further, providing synchronised digital signage across the whole shop, behind the tills, even for demonstrators. The possibilities with digital signage are really only limited to your creativity and ambition with the media. Fortunately, Cenareo makes it easy to deploy and manage content across a digital screen network in real-time, freeing you up to concentrate on the concept and content. If you have a digital signage project coming up, why not get in touch?


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