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    Responsive dynamic display in shops, a major weather based marketing attribute

    Dynamic display weather based marketing capitalises on weather conditions to promote content that draws in target audiences more easily and maximises[...]
    March 28, 2019
    Weather conditions - thermometer

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    Weather-responsive dynamic display: boosting the impact of communication

    Incorporating weather conditions into programming is a simple matter of putting data at the core of communication, thus boosting your impact.
    March 25, 2019

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    Digital signage in numbers (2016)

    Digital signage is a higly effective way of communicating that benefits from a rapidly expanding market. Numerous studies have produced data[...]
    September 4, 2018


    The results of ISE 2016 by CityMeo

    From the 9th to the 12th of February, CityMeo was present at the ISE show in Amsterdam, which is the largest exhibition in the world dedicated to the[...]
    September 3, 2018

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    Connected screens are entering the sports world

    The Connected Run was the ending of the Innovation days 2015. Running from Paris to Toulouse, all connected, and having an access to the rankings,[...]
    September 1, 2018


    CityMeo joins Microsoft Ventures Paris

    After passing through Le Camping Toulouse, the IoT Valley’s (ex-TIC Valley) accelerator, the CityMeo crew joins the teams at the Microsoft[...]
    September 1, 2018

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    The new digital signage numbers (2014)

    2014 will definitely be a good year, if you believe the UPE (union for exterior publicity) or the DBCI index (Digital Signage Business Climate[...]
    September 1, 2018