Sep 2018

Reduce in-store friction in the customer journey : how can digital signage enhance the customer experience?

Whether acting out of need or pleasure, the consumer has more and more choices for the customer journey: full digital, full store, ROPO, showrooming etc... However, the physical point of sale is[...]

Interactive dynamic point-of-sale display: a new use to generate commitment

Signage is a traditional pillar of point-of-sale communication. In recent years, this medium has digitized to offer communicators innovative opportunities to reach their targets. Their goals:[...]

5 tips to digitize your store

You probably already noticed the digital equipment that has started to appear in stores. You maybe even thought about outfitting your own store? You’re wondering if it’s worth it, but mostly how[...]

Digital signage to boost the customer experience

Through its openness to the public, and its capacity to evolve digital signage, has proved to be the best communication tool for commercial firms. A product of the most recent technologies, [...]

6 reasons why you should use digital signage in your store

You can, at first, read our article on Understanding digital signage to familiarize yourself with the subject. A dynamic display will always be better than a simple paper billboard or a flash[...]

No, the store isn't dead!

The first e-commerce sites started appearing fifteen years ago with the democratisation of the internet and personal computers. Since then, they multiplied, taking away parts from the physical[...]