Nov 2018

Digital signage, much more than "modern POS display"!

While the number of screens in points of sale is growing, the possibilities offered by digital signage solutions are still underused.

An excellent relay for traditional billboards, they also open[...]

Sep 2018

Franchises and point of sale networks: standardize your brand image!

Why is it important to have a consistent branding accross your network ? A network operator delegates the communication of its identity to his affiliates. But how does one ensure its control[...]

Connected showcases: easily energizing your shop

Used in agencies, to inform the visitors or make them wait, and in the showcase to attract new clients, digital signage allows you to transform and boost your POS communication. As a new way of[...]

Digital signage at Christmas user manual

Even more than during the rest of the year, the publicity at the POS is crucial. Seducing the client, attracting their attention, stimulating the compulsive purchase, everything has to be done![...]

POS displays: Publicity on the Point of Sale

Publicity on the POS

Publicity on the POS allows stores to increase sales with a small initial investment and consists in communicating directly on the Point of Sale where the consumer purchases[...]

In-store digital world

State of the market

The market of digital media has generated more than a 120 million euros in turnover in 2011, that is an increase of 11% in comparison to the previous year. This market is[...]