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    May 06, 2019

    The power of DOOH: why is out-of-home advertising going digital?

    Digital Out of Home (DOOH) advertising has developed rapidly in the last few years, from the spaces available for advertisers to buy, to the effectiveness of its targeting. In fact, the channel now offers so many benefits that agencies can’t afford to ignore it. Here we outline the benefits of DOOH, the game-changing potential of programmatic DOOH and the role of CMS in getting campaigns up and running.

    DOOH has gone mainstream

    Allied Market Research predicts that DOOH will be worth $8.3bn by 2023 (led by Europe with 38% of the market). That’s compound annual growth of 12.6% per year over the next five years. Magna also predicts the share of DOOH in advertising spend to grow to 28% globally by 2023.

    What’s driving the market? Initially DOOH was about replacing static billboards with digital screens, which are cheaper and easier to update and capable of showing video and dynamic content. More recently, growth is because DOOH can be a highly targeted medium.

    DOOH buyers now have access to much more information about their audience. You can choose where to broadcast your ads, not only by factors like socio-economic group, but increasingly using more detailed data, like live analysis of the audience.

    Programmatic advertising, automation and data

    This is thanks to programmatic advertising, the automation of the buying and selling of DOOH space via online platforms, similar to the process of buying online ads. It can be done via RTB (real-time bidding), essentially an auction between potential buyers of the available space, or ‘direct’ via exclusive access to a network of screens.

    Using real-time programmatic campaigns means you can be much more targeted in when to show your ads. For example, if you want to reach commuters, you can limit the time your ads are shown to rush hour, if you want to reach parents, you can show ads near schools, only around school drop-off time. After all, why pay for advertising space at times when your ads are unlikely to be seen?

    You can set other types of trigger too to make your adverts more compelling and engaging. By using external data feeds, you can show your advert when a particular event occurs, related to location, for example weather, or even the results of sports matches. Or you can base your triggers on your own data, like using the levels of stock you have on specific products to change promotions. With DOOH, there is huge scope to be more creative – and more meaningful – in your ad placement.

    French outdoor digital media company, Phenix Digital boasts the ability to offer advertisers access to nine million unique pedestrians via its nationwide network of 1,600 screens. You can target your audience based on your catchment areas, points of interest, socio-demographic data, spatio-temporal data and third-party data. Phenix also works with advertisers and agencies to create personalised content with powerful storytelling, for example, incorporating social media content into adverts. This all adds up to an incredibly powerful offer and its customers include Evian, Netflix and Universal.

    Move into DOOH

    It’s easier than you might think to implement a DOOH campaign. Signage software makes it simple for digital media owners to manage content across a fleet of displays, in multiple locations via a single cloud-based web interface. Using a content management system (CMS), you can easily schedule and manage content, choosing where and when to broadcast your message. You can also use them to create content too, with templates included. This technology is removing barriers to entry and helping more companies enter the DOOH market.

    DOOH brings together the benefits of Out Of Home (still a growth area for traditional advertising) with the insights of online advertising and the immediacy of digital, making it a smart way to spend. OnDevice Research found that adding DOOH to brand advertising on social media was very effective, with up to 83% uplift in brand awareness and consideration. It really can’t be ignored.


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