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All the news about digital signage with articles from our experts. Displays are essential communication channels communication channels that each sector of activity must optimize to better reach and engage its audience.

In retail, screens in windows and stores are powerful vectors of brand image, traffic and sales.

In companies, internal communication screens are inclusive tools to spread a strong corporate culture and engage all employees.

Discover also our guides to prepare or optimize your communication project on screens as well as all our resources (white papers, webinars…) and customer testimonials to get inspired by concrete and successful projects.

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Published on: 17 Oct 22  |  Reading : 4 minutes

Visual management: concept and implementation

Visual management facilitates the transmission and assimilation of information within a company. Find out how this concept makes team project...
Published on: 19 Sep 22  |  Reading : 4 minutes

Employer brand communication

Communicating an employer brand increases a company’s attractiveness and improves its reputation. Learn how to implement a communication strategy.
Published on: 6 Jan 22  |  Reading : 3 minutes

The digital transformation of deskless workers

Discover the challenges and ways of integrating your deskless workers into the digital workplace, an essential condition for companies’ digital...
Published on: 4 Jan 22  |  Reading : 4 minutes

Hybrid work, towards a new model

Promising productivity and flexibility, the hybrid way of working appeals to employees and companies who are meeting this challenge. Discover what it...

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Published on: 7 Dec 20  |  Reading : 3 minutes

Make money from your digital signage network

Your digital signage network can be turned into an advertising network with your suppliers and generate income thanks to a win-win system.
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