Nov 2018

Digital signage, much more than "modern POS display"!

While the number of screens in points of sale is growing, the possibilities offered by digital signage solutions are still underused.

An excellent relay for traditional billboards, they also open[...]

Sep 2018

Digital signage: implement your strategy for always performing content!

Without strategy, no results. This applies in particular to digital signage campaigns. Too often, the distribution strategy does not take into account all the optimization parameters, both at[...]

The V and B franchises network: in-store marketing, digitalisation and point of sale as a media

Digital signage in franchise networks

V and B is a franchise network that distinguishes itself by its model: a bar, positioned on the concept of afterwork, is next to a cellar. The consumer has[...]

Franchises and point of sale networks: standardize your brand image!

Why is it important to have a consistent branding accross your network ? A network operator delegates the communication of its identity to his affiliates. But how does one ensure its control[...]

Reduce in-store friction in the customer journey : how can digital signage enhance the customer experience?

Whether acting out of need or pleasure, the consumer has more and more choices for the customer journey: full digital, full store, ROPO, showrooming etc... However, the physical point of sale is[...]

Case study: deployment of interactive digital signage screens

Axa Agency - Isabelle Darmau – ToulouseDynamic and interactive display to enhance the customer experience

As part of the refurbishment of the agency, the reception area has been the subject of[...]

Interactive dynamic point-of-sale display: a new use to generate commitment

Signage is a traditional pillar of point-of-sale communication. In recent years, this medium has digitized to offer communicators innovative opportunities to reach their targets. Their goals:[...]

Digital signage: press 1 if your screen has gone black...

Some content that hasn’t been broadcasted... A black screen... Failed communications… And a robot on the phone: press 1 to know our opening hours...

Though it’s often well hidden, any[...]

Free digital signage: the real cost

Faced with the numerous actors in the digital communication domain, and confronted with the different prices, that aren’t always justified, it can be tempting to set out yourself to create an[...]

Engaging visitors with interactive signage

Digitalised spaces (the shop at the forefront) have become the theatre of numerous animations, often featuring innovative technologies that aim to offer an immersive experience to the visitors.[...]