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    September 12, 2019

    Digital signage retail research: 18 statistics that prove the case for in-store signage (1/2: market and trends)

    Digital signage is a powerful way for retailers to speak to their customers; to tell a brand story, to promote, to recommend and crucially to provide a bridge between physical and online. Digital signage is an important part of digital transformation and has been found – over and again – to deliver a significant return on investment for retailers.

    Below we have gathered together some of the most interesting statistics about retail signage solutions, from research conducted by users, by manufacturers and by industry analysts. 

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    Growing use of signage


    In a Samsung Retailer survey respondents ranked “deploying new digital experiences for customers” as the top in-store technology priority for 2018.


    Even mature signage networks are still growing: shopping mall DOOH (Digital Out Of Home) networks grew by 16% in 2018 as additional malls went online in Germany according to the Invidis 2018/19 yearbook.


    The use of digital signage has been steadily increasing. In Digital Signage Today’s Future Trends 2019 survey, 60% of retailers who didn’t yet have digital signage in their stores planned to invest in it in within the next two years.

    Effectiveness compared to static signage


    In 2010, Nielsen tracked digital signage use in 120 grocery stores over time and found that four out five brands experienced increases of up to 33% in additional sales when using digital signage, compared to when using printed signage alone.


    A 2007 RichMedia Technologies survey found that 63% consumers said digital signage catches their attention, slightly higher than 58% for billboards.


    The same study found that 58% people thought that adverts on digital signage were unique, compared to 33% for billboards. (Although this may have changed as digital has become more commonplace).


    A study by Arbitron found that 47% of consumers remembered seeing a certain advert on a digital screen.


    A Neilsen study for SignStorey in 2007 (SignStorey subsequently purchased by Crunchbase) found that 68% of customers agreed that digital signage would “influence their decision to buy the advertised product in the future.

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