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Digital signage retail research: 18 statistics that prove the case for in-store signage in 2019

Check the statistics about Digital Signage market and Trends in 2019. Statistics about retail signage solutions, from research conducted by users, by manufacturers and by industry analysts. 

Digital signage allows retailers to communicate with their customers, tell them a brand story, promote and recommend their products etc. It is a key element of the digital transformation that ensures retailers a solid return on investment.

To demonstrate this, here are some statistics from studies conducted by users, makers and industry analysts. 


Digital Signage Market Overview


In a Samsung point-of-sale survey, respondents cited "deploying new digital customer experiences" as the number one priority in retail outlets for 2018.


Outdoor digital signage networks continue to grow: the DOOH (digital outdoor advertising billboard) networks in shopping centers grew by 16% in 2018. Germany is the most dynamic market according to the annual publication Invidis 2018/19.


According to the Future Trends 2019 study conducted by the Digital Signage Today website, 60% of retailers who do not yet have digital signage in their stores plan to invest in this type of solution in the next two years.

Performance compared to static signage


In 2010, Nielsen conducted a survey of 120 grocery stores. It found that four out of five brands saw an increase in sales up to 33% when using digital signage, compared to using print signage alone.


A RichMedia Technologies study conducted in 2007 revealed that digital signage captured the attention of 63% of customers, a figure higher than that observed with static panels (58%).


In the same study, 58% of respondents indicated that they consider digital signage ads to be unique, compared to 33% for billboards.


A study conducted by Arbitron found that 47% of clients recalled a particular advertisement on a digital screen.


A Nielsen study conducted for SignStorey (later acquired by Crunchbase) in 2007 revealed that 68% of customers agreed that digital signage "would influence their decision to purchase the product".


Increase of sales


A major advantage of digital signage and retail signage software is that you can change content instantly, and program it based on different factors, including weather conditions. Weather responsive ad campaigns can be very effective, Stella Cidre reported a 6% increase in year on year sales during a period using this tactic.


Another example is La Redoute, who used billboards with weather sensors and ran a series of ads depending on weather conditions. This weather-triggered signage campaign resulted in a 17% sales increase.


Using signage to manage a queue – for example, directing people to the next open till – can reduce checkout time, or perceived checkout time by as much as 35 percent and make customers happier.


In an 2018 study in the US, Popspots found that 57% of consumers have purchased a new brand or product after seeing it in the checkout line.


Brand awareness


Even though La Redoute’s DOOH trial was via an offline channel, the ads led to a 34% increase in visits to La Redoute’s website.


According to a Samsung UK Retail Digital Signage Survey from 2017, 84% of UK retailers believe digital signage creates significant brand awareness.


Future opportunities: IoT, AI, payments


Half of the top 100 retailers in the US started testing beacon technology from 2014 according to Business Insider. Beacons can be used to create reactive signage.


Signage deployments that recognise faces and reactions are becoming more widely available, letting companies show better targeted content based on people’s demographics. Allied Market Research expects the facial recognition market to grow to $9.6 billion by 2022, around 20% year on year growth.


According to WorldPay, 16% of global point of sale payments were made via an e-wallet and are predicted to grow to 28% by 2022 – by making screens payment points, retailers can capitalise on this opportunity to speed up checkout and increase spending.


The internet is expected to account for 53% of retail sales in 10 years’ time, up from about a fifth at present, making it essential for all physical retailers to incorporate digital capabilities or lose out.


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