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The picture wall: a communication vehicle with impact

Discover why broadcasting content in a business via a picture wall is a fitting and powerful solution for effective communication.

Picture walls and digital signage working for businesses

A picture wall is a digital signage solution that allows the broadcast of multimedia content. The term “picture wall” refers to the grouping together of several modules, forming a veritable digital facade. Its spectacular size with its high attention-grabbing potential can be harnessed to support impactful communication in and for a business.


What is a picture wall?

A picture wall is a digital display medium of variable size, composed of multiple screens. The installation creates a digital facade, on which the modules can display one single multimedia item (video, graphics, images, slides, data etc.), or conversely multiple distinct, separate and autonomous items. This content broadcasting tool draws the gaze irresistibly and holds the attention: the power of a message is heightened, driven home by an immersive, captivating and impressive experience. In such a context, the transmission of information remotely in real time is a major, differentiating advantage for any communication or marketing campaign, providing a high level of ROI, and providing a practical response to the needs and objectives of businesses.


Professional & marketing value of the picture wall

The picture wall is now emerging as the ideal solution for better business communication. An ideal way of increasing loyalty, bringing people together, seducing or informing them, screens can be positioned in strategic areas across a company’s premises: meeting rooms, entrance halls, high traffic areas, offices used by workers and managers seeking to pass on information etc.

Using this effective and impactful screen broadcasting tool, you can maximise the performance of your communication programme.

Promoting your brand image

When it comes to bringing your teams or customers together around the company’s values, mastering your brand image is an essential lever for engagement. The dynamic content shown on a picture wall is a high-performance way of embodying your identity and anchoring a message. These formats draw the eye by virtue of movement, and ensure better penetration of the information: 94% of professionals in B2B marketing point out that videos can help foster understanding of a company’s products or services among users.

Optimising your communication

The powerful impact of the picture wall serves a range of objectives: a company’s communication can benefit in terms of effectiveness, fluidity and legibility. Whether it is showing results, offers, graphs or meeting times, the picture wall is a tool offering total control, for sharing content simultaneously, in real time, and in the location where it has the greatest impact. A multitude of content can be shown on one or more screens, for tailor-made communication.

Seducing with an immersive experience

The picture wall is an innovative tool with a strong power of seduction. It offers a unique immersive experience, piquing curiosity and holding the viewer’s attention. Due to its size, the picture wall can be used to show content that is easy to read, even from relatively far away. The quality of the screens provides a high-definition image with spectacular colour and brightness, giving it a sensational dimension that makes an impression and boosts communication.


Choosing the right picture wall

To maximise its impact, a picture wall must fit harmoniously into its space. There are many variables to consider, including the size or quality of the screens comprising it.

From 3 to 9 screens

To determine the ideal size of your picture wall, it is essential that you study the size of the area in which it is to be deployed. For optimal viewing, there is a minimum distance requirement, allowing the viewer to step back far enough for comfortable reading. The larger the picture wall, the larger the area in which it is to be located needs to be. For a medium-sized area – an entrance hall or corridor – 3 screens gives the optimal result, whereas a 9-screen wall would be a spectacular installation destined for a space of significant size.

Technologies used

Screens making up a picture wall can include LCD or LED systems, to ensure sufficiently high brightness and optimal picture quality.

These technologies suit different needs and different budgets, but nevertheless they have to fulfil certain requirements:

  • A clear, smooth image: it must be recreated in its entirety, and not be broken up by borders that reduce its legibility;
  • Dazzling light and colour: the picture wall must have the high visual intensity needed to ensure the message is properly displayed and legible;
  • Longevity and resistance to external elements: the quality and resilience of screens in the picture wall are parameters that must be considered in the light of their installation location.

Picture walls: how do they work?

Multimedia content is displayed on the picture wall by a player, connected to the screens. The communicator shares the content in real time by means of management software installed on their computer or accessible via the Internet. That software synchronises the media and allows centralised management of the whole screen network, no matter how extensive it may be. This technology can be operated through a data exchange network, whether it is local and managed within the business exclusively, or an Internet network known as an SaaS system. In that specific instance, the platform that can be accessed via the Internet offers maximum flexibility and easy maintenance. Management is centralised via a single platform, and allows communication across all sites remotely. Easy to use and set up, this system offers the possibility of signing in from any device and, more importantly, from anywhere.


The picture wall: speeding up your digital transformation

Digital signage is an innovative, attractive and highly flexible channel for communication: it offers a unique digital experience to managers and users. In business, it heightens engagement and allows information to be sent in an instant, in a centralised and automated way. The system can be used to create a high degree of interactivity, and to benefit from a vast area in which to express yourself. Cenareo’s digital signage system designed for picture walls, which is highly interactive and user-friendly, meets the growing digitisation needs of businesses.


Do you want to improve your company’s communication through digital signage? Create, manage and broadcast all your content across your whole digital media network instantaneously. Offering a veritable gateway between the physical and digital worlds, Cenareo’s digital signage solution is user-friendly, intuitive and powerful. A true lever for the digital transformation of businesses, Cenareo offers personalised support and its expertise to foster effective, impactful and contextualised communication, offering good results in terms of ROI. You can contact our team of experts for more information.

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