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Digital signage

What is digital signage, how does it work, and what’s its use? There are so many questions you have to ask yourself before using the digital signage solution that corresponds best to your needs. The answers can be found in this!

What is digital signage?

Digital signage is a new broadcast medium. It’s an innovative communication tool that allows you to broadcast multimedia content (photo’s, video’s, documents, RSS feeds, …) on a rich and adapted digital terminal. Thanks to your screen network, you have a better grip on your communication and send out the right message, at the right place, at the right time.

How does it work?

  • A specific and dedicated signage tool (screen, projector, screen wall,…)
  • Content to broadcast (choice and customisation of a template)
  • A player (permanent equipment allowing for the management and broadcast of content)

Once the player is connected to a signage tool, your content goes directly on your screens!

Why choose digital signage?

89% of clients like digital signage on the POS (Source: KPMG): Choosing digital signage is thus choosing a solution that is well perceived by the consumer and which will evolve with new technologies

53% of Frenchmen say that the presence of digital innovation incites them to go to one shop rather than another: Choosing digital signage is thus using particularly effective tools!

3 visitors out of 4 remember digital signage (source IPSOS): Choosing digital signage thus means ensuring you’re the visibility of the brand and brand image with the visitors.

24% in average increase of sales during a digital signage campaign (Source: Popai - 2007): Choosing digital signage to communicate about your products thus means increasing your sales!


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