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    September 03, 2018

    Digital signage at Christmas user manual

    Even more than during the rest of the year, the publicity at the POS is crucial. Seducing the client, attracting their attention, stimulating the compulsive purchase, everything has to be done! One of the keys of success is without a shadow of a doubt the choice of digital signage inside your POS.

    affichage-dynamique-leclerc E.Leclerc stores use digital signage in their malls to captivate the visitors.

    So here are the best tips to use digital signage well in your Christmas POS display campaigns.


    First of all, digital signage easily helps increase sales: you can integrate it in your marketing strategy in order to the visitor by captivating their attention. This new support will allow you to efficiently communicate simple information and to transform prospects into clients!


    You’d like to reach as many people as possible: nevertheless, the best salesmen know their preferred targets. How well do you know your customers? Ask yourself the right questions: What are they looking for at this time of the year? If your clients are in a hurry they’ll only stand still for useful and intelligent advice. On the other side, if they’re used to taking their time, they’ll be more receptive to a shopping offer that steps out of the ordinary and gives them new experiences! You have to know your customers by heart to create relevant and convincing digital signage campaigns.


    Does the behaviour of your clients change according to the hour of the day? The day of the week? For example: During the weekend your shop might be filled with young people who work during the week. Having specific data on your clients will help you to efficiently synchronize your campaigns with them. It’s in those moments that digital signage shows its edge over traditional signage: it adapts to its audience in real time.


    You know your customers and you know when they do their shopping? You can create digital signage campaigns in accordance with this information. Brands with multiple stores can localize their content while broadcasting a a general message on all the screens of all the stores at the same time. The content can also change depending on events, like a sudden downpour of snow, a product being sold out or a flash sale.


    Quite like traditional signage, the placement of the digital signage screens will depend on the way that your clients move around in your store and on your sales circuit. One of the best places to install a connected screen is at the entrance of the store and the second key position is there where your clients queue up. You must also check the placement basics: is the screen at eye height, does it not reflect light? Are the on-screen colours correct?


    Different architecture systems to put in place a digital signage solution exist. Inform yourself about the advantages of each of these systems : on premise hosted model, hybrid model or SaaS model. You can consult our file about this question

    Now you should have a good idea of what digital signage has to offer in the POS during the Christmas holidays. You can check out the other articles on our blog.


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