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In-store digital world

The digital world is at the heart of the shop today. What are the advantages of including it in yours? Why can’t you miss out on this? Discover the answers in the article.

State of the market

The market of digital media has generated more than a 120 million euros in turnover in 2011, that is an increase of 11% in comparison to the previous year. This market is rapidly developing in France since 5 years, and more than 200 000 screens are already installed in the country. The screens are multiplying, and give a new playing ground for all broadcasters…

The digital in-store designates all the digital appliances that can be used in a POS to enrich and improve the customer experience and the sales.

Importance for the tradesmen

Why install digital signage in your store? Digital tools allow you to promote products and services on the POS. They offer the possibility of increased notoriety, boosting your commerce all while optimising your publicity budget.

To reinforce your brand image and notoriety

While 90% of sales are done in the POS (IFOP, 2012), the introduction of digital displays in a store modernises said POS. This image of modernity contributes to putting your store in a good light and standing out from the rest. Moreover, 65% of consumers still want to see the product before buying it, the digital in-store allows you to entice the curiosity of the passers-by from the showcase, or inside the shop.

To show off new acquisitions or promotional offers

Digital signage has the advantage of being plannable, which allows it to broadcast promotional offers happening in the store, to present novelties in images, but also to communicate on future events or arriving collections. It’s a flexible tool that allows you to broadcast messages at the right moment, and to launch special targeted actions depending on the hour of the day.

Lastly, it can be used to broadcast very diverse information

It’s the best way to communicate with your clients about your opening hours, special events, or to present your team. In-store digital can also serve to support the internal communication of larger structures like a parent company and its affiliates.

Interest for the clients

The digital in-store adapts to the client’s new ways of consuming. This new space improves the customer experience by offering numerous possibilities:

Firstly, the consumer can get information about a product, its price, characteristics, etc. fully autonomously, and consult the after sales service information.

Moreover, these new tools optimise time. The course through the shop is made easier and is guided intelligently. Waiting times are also reduced thanks to the use of interactive terminals and NFC payment.

Lastly, they can find the same references as those that exist on the internet, for the same price, and order a reference that’s missing in the shop thanks to the interactive terminals.


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