September 04, 2018

    Interactive dynamic point-of-sale display: a new use to generate commitment

    Signage is a traditional pillar of point-of-sale communication. In recent years, this medium has digitized to offer communicators innovative opportunities to reach their targets. Their goals: generate commitment and offer differentiating customer experiences. What if we now let the consumer choose his content?

    Digital signage has given an initial boost by offering attractive multimedia content adapted to the screen environment and the non-linear nature of new consumer uses: the message no longer focuses on the product itself, but on the customer's receptivity. More precisely, and especially in retail, the messages do not focus on the benefits produced, but on the response they bring to consumer needs.


    The customer experience to reinvent the in-store customer experience

    Today, since the customer experience is at the heart of brand strategy, dynamic content is sometimes no longer sufficient to satisfy its mission. Indeed, over-solicited, the audience is only attentive to the most relevant content and rejects those that do not concern it. This rejection may also be accompanied by a negative perception of the brand. That's why, like the online experience, communicators are looking to further personalize the in-store customer experience.

    “The message no longer focuses on the product, but on the customer.”

    Digital signage tools are evolving in this direction and propose to create campaigns integrating this new need: personalization and interactivity are the two new keywords. This willingness goes through the possibility for the audience to take control of the screen(s). Synchronized to a smartphone, a tablet, a QR code or even a button, the content broadcast can be managed by users. Since he triggers them himself, the consumer is engaged and therefore more receptive to the brand's messages.

    Create commitment

    If the notion of emotion is found in the customer experience, commitment is found in the interactions between the brand and the consumer. Interactive digital signage thus makes it possible to establish a genuine dialogue between the parties by intelligently proposing the most relevant content (algorithms, facial recognition, etc.) or by engaging the customer in the construction of the message.

    This approach is a real opportunity: in addition to generating a better experience and commitment, the systematic analysis of behavior by the tools of digital signage makes it possible to refine messages over time and make them ever more tailored to the target.

    However, deploying an interactive display solution is not enough to generate a differentiating differentiating and engaging experience. Whether it is initiated by the consumer (tablet, button, QR code...) or the screen (facial recognition, motion detection...), the dialogue, to be activated, must of course be relevant and meet a customer need and/or arouse curiosity and the desire to interact.


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