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The V and B franchises network: in-store marketing, digitalisation and point of sale as a media

V and B is a good example of deploying a fleet of screens as part of a point-of-sale marketing strate


Digital signage in franchise networks

V and B is a franchise network that distinguishes itself by its model: a bar, positioned on the concept of afterwork, is next to a cellar. The consumer has the possibility to take what he has tasted at the bar, and conversely, he can taste at the bar what he has just bought at the cellar. The originality of the concept and the franchising model require the following observations:
- The specificities of the concept are unknown: the width of the range is difficult to highlight (more than 300 references), lack of knowledge of the values of the brand and the possible interactions between the cellar and the bar
- Waiting times are untapped (during service, pick-up at the bar, checkout in the cellar area...)

The strategic objectives of the digitisation of the V and B network

  • Transform waiting time into discovery time by highlighting products
  • Harmonize the brand image in all franchises
  • Highlight the originality of the concept
  • Communicate on exceptional offers
  • Create more affect and sensations
  • Lead the brand at the global level and let the manager become a local communication relay

Display solution selection criteria

The brand has endeavoured to find a modular solution that allows content to be modified according to local specificities.
With 155 stores in 2018, retaining a scalable solution in all points of sale and capable of being deployed whatever the level of franchise equipment was a pressing need. But also, and above all, the Content Management System (CMS) had to be implemented in the points of sale without requiring training time or imposing on the managers.


Deploying the solution: contextualized content

  • Bar area : digital display of the map and its adaptability to stock levels, seasonality and local specificities while capitalizing on qualitative visuals and corporate information common to franchises.
  • Cellar area : interactive games to discover the brands distributed, promotions, discovery of the VandB offer.

What are the results?

With 120 sales outlets equipped in one year, the mission is successful for project leaders. They have gained the support of franchise managers; flexibility and responsiveness to price and inventory changes being the key criteria for platform user acceptance.

The benefits of the digitization strategy can be summarized in 4 words: discovery, palatability, attention, reassurance.

  • Refocusing on one of the brand's values thanks to a better visibility of the offer and the harmonization of the image in franchises: discovery
  • Visual product presentation and contextualisation: palatability
  • Dynamic Focus: Attention
  • Illustrated offer: reassurance

More discovery and real time savings!


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