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Connected showcases: easily energizing your shop

In the showcase or inside, digital signage transforms the communication of agencies. Its great flexibility, the possibility of collaboration and its interactive features makes it a powerful communication tool, simple to use and indispensable in points of sale in the era of digital transformation.

Used in agencies, to inform the visitors or make them wait, and in the showcase to attract new clients, digital signage allows you to transform and boost your POS communication. As a new way of communicating, being innovative, modern and “connected”, it brings a powerful way to differentiate yourself with the competition and conveys a digital image of the agency. Digital signage screens, through their luminosity and the animated content that is displayed on them, make it possible to easily captivate the attention of the passers-by and contribute to an increase in agency visitors.


Digital signage, in a nutshell

Digital signage is a communication tool that allows you to control a screen or a fleet of screens from afar to broadcast any type of messages (video, image, document, dynamic content). The lion share of digital signage solutions allow you to add or create content and to connect third party applications (through an internet connection) which minimizes management time. To find more information about the functioning of digital signage, read the following article Understanding digital signage well.

Digital signage, a connected communication tool

Through its digital aspect, its internet connection and its substantial flexibility, digital signage allows you to connect numerous external services. Thus, this content becomes available to the managers and can be broadcasted on the screens. It has the advantage of being automatically updated in real-time (the screens are thus always broadcasting up to date information). Only a few seconds suffice to, for example, set up the weather forecast, a horoscope, ephemerides, the group’s news, sports, national news, agendas, which will all be broadcasted and updated without human intervention.

In particular, it is possible to connect your software and management tools to automatize the broadcast of new mandates on your screens. Once a new real estate ad is posted in your software, it will immediately be fetched from your database. The ads are then directly available in all the showcases and agencies, without any action on your part.


In this way, the ads in the showcases, agencies and on your website will always be the same and your communication is more uniform: It wins out in terms of impact, inspires confidence and you minimize management time.

Scheduling, made easy

Moreover, a digital signage system allows you to schedule the broadcast of all content precisely by attributing broadcast criteria to each medium. As an alternative to playlists that need long and arduous configurations and just boringly loop content in a repetitive way, scheduling by criteria allows you to active broadcasts only on certain days, weeks or seasons of the year… It is also possible to prioritise (more frequent broadcast) content by geographical zone, agency, or in function of the characteristics of a certain ad (Emphasizing GHG A and GHG B ads...). Broadcasts are given a context, the targeting is more precise, the impact of the messages is stronger, and the management time is at its minimum.

Collaborative and multi-agency management

Some digital signage solutions give us the possibility to manage content in a collaborative fashion. On one side, it becomes possible to share the work between multiple members of the same team (creation, management, broadcast...), but it’s also possible to share the broadcast between the HQ and each real estate agency. In this way, HQ can broadcast on the entire screen fleet while each agency can broadcast on their screens or their geographical zone.

For example, an agency could choose to broadcast for 50% of its screen time, 30% would go to HQ and the remaining 20% to agencies in the vicinity or the same geographical zone.


HQ broadcasts national messages on the entire screen fleet while agencies broadcast their local content in their POS. The different actors share screen time.

Creating content in the image of the agency

Numerous are the screen communication solutions that offer a content creation tool which allows users, if they don’t have a visual, to nevertheless communicate rapidly. In but a few moments, the communicator can choose their content model, in function of their message (large or small amount of text, large or small amount of images…), choose their graphics charter, fill out the texts and start the broadcast. This format, ideal for priority or urgent messages, allows them to rid themselves from the services of creation agencies and doesn’t require any particular technological or graphical know-how to use: the communication is instantaneous. Moreover, HQ can create reusable visuals in advance for all agencies: these can then modify them to broadcast their message, yet stay with the group’s image.


Lastly, some solutions allow you to transform your showcases by adding an interactive dimension to the screens: the passer-by can control the broadcast thanks to a connected object (connected button, captor…) or a smartphone. The user can then choose between content that’s been preselected by the agency and start the broadcast: discover guided visits; get more information on some real-estate...

Example of in-agency interaction with Cenareo

The showcase of the agency broadcasts videos and images of the offered realty in full screen. The animated images attract the gaze of the passers-by, who then approach the screen. The broadcasted media has a scannable zone (QR code, Bleam, NFC…) which allows them to take control over the screen: the user can then choose a different visit, get more information about a property, get in touch with the agency, save the ad on his phone or discover another property… The user can then find the ad, video visits and all the information that has to do with the realty from his phone. The agency can then consult the statistics about the scans or the broadcasts and measure the interest there is for the different ads.


Transform your agency

Digital signage, whether it be in the showcase or the agency, allows you to boost your POS. Management tasks are minimised and automatic, the salesmen win out in precious time. The ads shown on the website, in the showcase or the agency are all uniform: the client is no longer lost and the agency appears more modern, digital and trustworthy. Lastly, thanks to the interactivity of the screens in the showcase, the client benefits from a new powerful tool to research in an efficient manner or to get more information about the realty, even when the agency isn’t open.


Let’s talk about your project, and transform your agency.

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