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Optimise the employee experience by combining screen communication with a musical atmosphere

Among the factors which influence the employee experience, digital signage plays a key role. But you can go even further by combining display with music.

The employee experience includes all the emotions and perceptions experienced by a company employee. It is an increasingly important issue, as it has a direct impact on the productivity and efficiency of the teams, but not only. It is also a way to increase loyalty and motivation. Among the factors which influence the employee experience, digital signage plays a key role. But you can go even further by combining display with music to create a unique atmosphere.

Digital signage: the first essential element

For their internal communications, many companies place digital signage at the heart of their strategy.  It is an effective way of communicating information to all employees: key figures, news, results, values, missions, strategies, etc. The content displayed on the screens contributes to consolidating team spirit and commitment, in particular, for multiple-site groups where employees work in several different cities in France and abroad.  

All the messages broadcast are centralised and managed through a single system. This is what Damartex for example has established for all its brands. An approach which ensures strong consistency, both in shape and substance, for relevant and innovative messages which capture the employees’ attention and which are shared, and inform and involve them. Since the information is transparent and easily accessible, it also prevents misunderstandings and grey areas as well as rumours and demotivation caused by a lack of internal communication.

Your screens do a lot more than simply broadcast messages: they establish a climate of trust. They can thus display dynamic content and become a conversational medium, when they display the live results of surveys and questionnaires, customised messages or calls for ideas to encourage the collective intelligence of the staff.

And to enhance your relationship with your employees even further and to enrich the employee experience, the sound element is an appreciable avenue!


The soundscape: the second element for a successful experience

Music is a powerful conduit of emotions. It creates a particular atmosphere, it improves dialogue and interaction, it gives people confidence and it can even increase employees’ creativity and efficiency. In businesses which receive the public, such as stores and other commercial outlets, music is even an integral part of the experience, both for the customer and the employee.

A soundscape in a reception space, a rest area, a co-working area, a cafeteria, a gym or a terrace helps restore emotion into the dialogue between the employer and their employees. It is also a trigger of positive energy for improving your employer branding.

The dynamic jukebox: the experiential experience pushed to its highest level

Jukebox 2.0
Producing the right musical atmosphere is an efficient good practice, but you can go even better by gamifying it and allowing your employees to take control of your playlist. This is a feature provided by Tshoko’s Le JukeBox. A digital version of a classic jukebox where your employees can choose and add music to play.

The system is very easy to use and is designed to promote participation since you can even vote for your favourite tracks. Your screens display the upcoming tracks. And if you think that black metal or hardcore techno may cause ripples, you can filter according to musical styles, artists or tracks.

Music is much more than simply a background sound. It is above all a mindset, a philosophy and a movement which accompanies us all every day. Whether it is to maintain the momentum, motivate, create a positive atmosphere or surprise, you can rely on the power of digital signage and music!


Cenareo, a digital signage solution, and Tshoko, a solution for programming and producing a musical atmosphere are combining their strengths to offer businesses a single contact to set up sound and screen systems. To learn more about this partnership, click here. To launch a project, you can contact us directly.

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