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    May 03, 2020

    End of lockdown: Preparing for outlets to reopen

    After several weeks of lockdown, which required each company readjust their communication to adapt to this crisis, the time has now come to prepare for resuming business. Looking forward to restart successfully, here are a few things you can do now to improve your communications as the lockdown comes to an end.

    1/ Power on!

    It’s time to get all your communication tools up and running if you’d put them on hold. For example, if you have screens and put our tips into action... maybe you had them turned off to save energy. Now it’s time to turn them back on.


    2/ ‘Is it open?’

    That’s probably the question most of your customers are asking themselves. When will they be able to visit your outlet again? Will the opening times be the same as before? So think about your messages now so you can inform your customers about your reopening conditions as early as possible. This will prevent any mistakes or disappointment.

    3/ Specify the access conditions.

    Social distancing between individuals, limiting presence to a certain number of people, compulsory wearing of masks... It will be just as important, if not mandatory, to disseminate the new health measures alongside the barrier gestures existing before the crisis. Prepare now by planning the messages with their frequency and location.

    social distance

    4/ Reassure your customers.

    What are you doing to ensure the safety of your customers? What precautions are you taking? It is vital to communicate all this information transparently and informatively to reassure your customers and make their shopping experience as smooth as possible!


    5/ Repeatedly inform about barrier gestures.

    Barrier gestures must not be neglected! Continuing to communicate about them regularly is also part of our collective responsibility. Prepare these communications to reflect your image and values. 

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    6/ Thank you

    Many restaurant owners or businesses have reinvented themselves by investing in the web, creating e-shops hastily, or setting up pre-purchasing operations. All these efforts have been welcomed by their customers, who have been able to play the game and help maintain cash flow. Send them a special message!


    7/ Renewal!

    Everyone will want to come out of this period of isolation and worry a little lighter in spirit. So let your news include the new features or products developed during this period of crisis.

    To help you create all this content, here are some examples of free tools.

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