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Digital signage in SaaS mode

Cenareo lets you discover in these pages what a SaaS solution can bring to your digital signage.


The SaaS (Software as a Service) solution is the opposite of the old way of commercialising software. Where you’d previously buy a licence for software that would allow you to get it for life, the SaaS offers you to “lease” this software per month or year.
If you previously had to install the software on each machine that you wanted to see equipped, it’s now possible to skip this fastidious task to use the software on any computer connected to the internet and even sometimes smartphones or tablets (like in our case). The SaaS solution thus works with any type of computer and browser as long as there is internet, the physical allocation of a terminal is no longer necessary.

The cost

No use investing in new servers, expanding your hard drive space or acquiring new work terminals: with the SaaS model, you use what’s already there. You can also better control your expenses by extending them over the period of SaaS usage. A McKinsey study has estimated the cost of the deployment of a SaaS system to be 40% less than that of a comparable on-site installed software system.

Efficient and simple

You can rapidly be operational thanks to a software available through a simple internet connection, SaaS system are available anywhere and anytime, your co-workers can work from any place equipped with internet, and no specific software licence is required.
The problems of deployment, programming and personalisation are no longer yours to worry abour, the company providing the SaaS takes care of this.


In the measure that your company develops, you can add new users, thereby avoiding the investment in new licences and extra server capacity. You just have to adjust your SaaS subscription to your needs.
On the other hand, your cloud computing service provider takes care of the regular software updates, which are then instantly usable, and don’t necessitate a reconfiguration or reinstallation

To summarize

The TechRepublic (or INSEE) poll reveals that 91 % of companies use cloud computing, confirming that their solutions satisfy or go beyond their expectations. SaaS solutions are undeniably more relevant than licensed software, and this for many reasons;

  • Immediately identifiable costs
  • Instantly accessible on-line solutions
  • No infrastructure constraints: no installation is required
  • Additional services (like updates) are offered, not just the usable solution.
  • The SaaS model is also a solution that is more respectful of the environment: it mutualises storage and server infrastructures, rationalises the sharing of tasks, spares you the purchase of digital material, and uses less energy.

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