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Internal communications: accelerating companies digital transformation

The digital transformation of companies is a key issue to better inform and engage employees internally thanks to communication displays.

How do you get the right messages across to your employees in a saturated digital ecosystem? How can you ensure that your employees can access the same messages at the same time within your head office, agencies, shops and stores? And how can you personalise communication to speak solely to a particular segment according to region, city or a particular category? All in real time and with a minimum human investment?

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To answer these very important fundamental questions - especially in times of crisis where regular communication is required - digital signage is a powerful solution for accelerating the digital transformation of large groups and structure their internal communication.


Internal communication: a daily challenge


Internal signage has long consisted of posters, billboards and flyers that were sent to sites and all floors of the head office to convey important information.

Although digital technology was supposed to revolutionise things, it only added a layer of complexity. E-mail, internal messaging, instant messaging, intranet, internal social networks... the more you multiply communication tools, the easier it is to lose your way. Not everyone has access to these services because they do not use a computer on a daily basis. Consider shop assistants, service or maintenance personnel, or workers on production lines, for example.

A divide may thus be created and important information lost. How can you engage, motivate and integrate all your employees if only a fraction of them are exposed to your messages? Should we go back to the expensive and inefficient paper version? This is where digital signage can make a difference.


Digital signage: the effective solution that digitises internal communication


Installing screens on your premises, from your head office to your warehouses, laboratories, factories, back offices and agencies is the absolute best practice for digitising, modernising and optimising your internal communication.

All your screens can be controlled remotely and are connected so that your Communication or Human Resources Department can centralise and share the right messages at the right time and with the right people. Would you like to congratulate the bank branches in Saône-et-Loire for their good performance? This is no problem. Do you want to pass on prevention messages for your production sites in Alsace? A few clicks is all it takes. Do you feel like relaying your latest national advertisement to all employees? Creating and broadcasting multimedia campaigns is quick and easy through an online screen management platform.

Digitising your internal communication is an important paradigm shift for an improved response to current expectations and greater commitment from your employees. It is also an indispensable lever for harmonising your internal communication and facilitating the creation, management and distribution of your advertising on a large number of screens, on all your sites, whether in France or abroad. The Diana Pet Food company operates in 14 countries and this is how it successfully transformed and digitised its internal communication. You can also take up this challenge!


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