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Internal communications: How to choose your digital signage software

Here is a list of criteria of comparisons to consider before purchasing a digital signage solution. The following is given to help you clarify what you need and make the right choice.

You have decided to put in place a digital signage solution to strengthen your internal communications or enhance your reception areas. It is a wise choice and you simply have to select the product which best meets your needs. Have you thought of drawing up a list of criteria of comparisons to consider before purchasing the solution? The following is given to help you clarify what you need and make the right choice.

1 / Is the tool easy to use and intuitive?

The dynamic screen management interface, or CMS standing for Content Management System is a tool which is not usually used every day. To ensure that you have no issues in using it, the interface needs to be intuitive. It is preferable to choose a CMS that is suitable for both an expert and a beginner.

Remember also that the simplicity and flexibility of the solution include being able to manage the fleet of screens from the head office and for all the branches of the company. The solution must help you control your screens precisely from your head office for offices around the world.

Digital signage software

2/ Can I manage my screens collaboratively?

The digital signage software must support collaborative management and therefore offer different levels of user rights.

The communications teams can reach all the employees in a unified way from the head office and/or pass control to the teams of each branch, site or subsidiary display national and local communications alongside each other.

3/ Can I broadcast content dynamically?

It is essential that the signage solution is dynamic to that stories can be created and told without spending hours refining them. The interface must be defined around modules that are more or less complex (simple programmed playlist, smart algorithms, etc.) and result in the creation of scenarios tailored to different audiences and to the broadcasting context.

4/ Can I view my campaigns being broadcast in real time?

Managing a network of dynamic screens remotely and collaboratively requires a real-time view of the campaigns broadcast and the soundness of the equipment. More than simply offering content management, the software must be able to provide data on displays, provide information on the state of the network and thus become a management tool.


5/ Is the platform able to adapt display of the content to the context?

The digital signage solution must also be powerful enough to be able to automatically broadcast specific content related to its display context. Some context-driven software can offer to configure customisable broadcast criteria: weather movements, temperature. They can also be interfaced with business software tools, like a CRM or an ERP. For example, a campaign to congratulate sales staff for being awarded a new contract can be automatically triggered on the scree, as soon as the CRM records it.

→ Learn more about “responsive” digital signage

6/ Is the solution going to be able to support an expansion of my fleet?

In the future, your company will probably grow. The digital signage solution that you choose must grow with you. Indeed, the fast growth of a company often goes hand-in-hand with a strong recruitment need and therefore a significant increase in the number of employees. Internal communications become increasingly important and are a major challenge. It becomes essential to supply relevant information, quickly to all the staff, while bringing the new teams together.

To this, is added the opening of new offices or production centres. You must be able to install your solution in all these places. And if your company establishes bases aboard, you must ensure that it supports several languages (platform + technical support).

technical support

7/ Is the solution a long-term one?

The choice of CMS is critical for ensuring the effectiveness of your long term digital signage. Indeed, it must meet the objectives of the brand but also the needs of users. Its features must be able to evolve over time.

Moreover, you must ensure that the equipment (the players) will not make a big dent in your budget when it ages and that the solution does not become obsolete in the medium-term. The ideal option is to purchase a subscription which will ensure long-term flexibility and longevity of the entire system. This is the choice made by AXA France which entrusted the replacement of its fleet of screens to Cenareo.

8/ Is the solution robust in terms of security?

Data security is essential and must never be compromised. Check that the solution you want to set up is robust. Identify the sensitive points in advance, go through in detail the service provider’s general security policy. Review the service provider’s guarantees which must offer a solution free from reliability defects and vulnerabilities.

→ Learn more about the security of digital signage systems.


Cenareo offers a digital signage solution to support your internal communications’ strategy. Its strength lies in being able to quickly manage remote screens, collaboratively, as well in the speed of the content updates. 

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