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Why should a company choose digital signage?

How can the display screens and their associated management system boost your internal communications?

By relaying the company’s ambition, vision and mission, digital signage is a major lever for supporting the company’s culture.

The displays screens easily and efficiently convey all your information and your safety messages to employees and visitors. All employees, whether in the head office or on external sites, instantly benefit from the same information. Provided of course that you have a content management system (CMS) that allows remote use of these screens, since management via USB stick significantly reduces the potential of this communication tool.

→ The communicating power of internal dynamic display solutions has been widely verified and confirmed by those firms which have set one up, see for example the first-hand account of AXA France.

How can the display screens and their associated management system boost your internal communications?


1 / Decompartmentalising departments, entities and the brands of the group

It is often a tricky to bring together or at least decompartmentalise the different departments in large firms.

For example, the silver economy’s market leader, the Damartex group chose dynamic display with the aim of bringing its teams together and improving internal knowledge about all of the group’s brands. The parent company communicates to all its 12 sites and thanks to 35 screens, information about all the group’s brands and innovations. By encouraging the exchange of information and inter-brand good practices, Damartex simulates the conversations and creativity of each site.

2/ Educating and informing

By broadcasting key information within the company (targets, performance indicators, etc.) and business news, digital signage strengthens market knowledge and the positioning of the company within its ecosystem. Decision-making thus becomes better informed through increased awareness of the industrial environment.

3/ Aligning the teams

The need for individual collaboration is highlighted and alignment in a common direction is induced by recalling targets, successes and possible improvement avenues. This need for alignment is especially true for companies which are expanding, recruiting or which export, or those which are located in several buildings or regions.

The French telecommunications operator Sigfox, specialised in the IoT (the Internet of Things) had no hesitation in adopting the system to support its internationalisation. The system of multi-site screens provides information globally in real time and unites its teams worldwide around the same strategic direction. 


4/ Creating conversations

On-screen communication does not simply allow a top-down message to be broadcast but can become a real conversational medium. To this end, special attention must be paid to content, which must be varied, relevant and attractive. Above all, these messages must encourage dialogue and provide responses, broadcast individuals’ experience, the results of internal surveys, etc. In this way, conversations will emerge and communication will regain its strategic dimension, essential for the life of the company. 

5/ Coming together around your commitments

You communicate about your values, those which motivate you both internally and externally and you also need to communicate about your commitments: the associations that you support (their news, their actions) as well as about your own community actions. For example you can communicate about your actions in favour of the environment: such as the energy consumption of your building and what actions are needed to reduce it.

6/ Giving more visibility to your communications

You use many channels for your internal communications : newsletters, internal magazines, paper notices, etc. You can assemble the information you communicate on a dynamic and visible medium. Generally digital signage solutions support all content formats.

You increase visibility by simultaneously broadcasting your messages in all the strategic locations of your company: reception areas, meeting and training rooms, dining areas, workshops, storage locations, lobbies, corridors, etc.

7/ Protecting your employees

Corporate communications can trust dynamic screens to broadcast health messages to employees and thereby safeguard their health. They contribute to informing them about how to make production sites, conference halls, offices and other meeting areas safe. The screens can also broadcast practical messages to staff: indicate where to find hand sanitiser gel, communicate about home working, organise the reception of customers safely, inform them about restarting work, reassure them about current projects, etc.

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8 / Entertaining and motivating

To go still further, your can equip open spaces, break rooms or departments with a screen and transform it into an area of expression.
For office-based sales staff, the interface with their CRM is simple and can be used to create challenges, contests or congratulatory messages on signing new contracts. Atmosphere guaranteed!


A flexible and unifying tool!

Digital signage, remotely managed by a CMS, can be used to easily create content to broadcast into the heart of your company and remote sites. Management is flexible and can be used to plan campaigns, broadcast local content, manage a fleet of remote screens, etc. A simple-to-use and decisively modern tool which revolutionises corporate communications. A way to unite and boost your teams even when they are dispersed around the world.

The many advantages of digital signage

  • Smooth installation and quickly usable
  • Multisite screens
  • Broadcasting of content updated in real time
  • Lively, dynamic and customised messages
  • Content broadcast globally or locally according to brand
  • A turnkey solution to boost internal communications
  • A flexible and scalable tool which grows with the company

→ The questions you need to ask yourself when choosing your digital signage software

Cenareo offers a digital signage solution that reflects your internal communication: the management interface allows you to create, manage and disseminate all your messages on any communication screen.

More about the solution

Cenareo offers an intuitive, scalable SaaS solution perfectly adapted to the needs of communication professionals in all sectors of activity. OutletsInternal communicationHotels and Restaurants but also DOOH

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