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Company culture and corporate communication supported by digital signage

By relaying key information within the company, digital signage for internal communications is an essential pillar in building a strong corporate culture and improve employee engagement.

By relaying key information within the company (objectives, business news, performance indicators, etc.), screen-based communication is an essential pillar in building a strong corporate culture and helping to improve employee engagement.

Company culture supported by digital signage

Employees: key to economic performance

Every company is made up of people: without them, no business is possible. So it is essential to place them at the heart of concerns. Needs change as companies modernise. In the information age, the need to be informed, about everything, immediately and continuously is increasingly vital. Information is consumed, criticized and compared when presented. It is requested or sought when absent. Dissemination is necessary. Only then can employees become involved in their tasks, projects and assignments. It is only through outstanding internal communication that companies can reach the peak of their economic performance.

Internal communication sets out the company’s mission and objectives (inspirational or operational), and highlights the successes (and failures), actions and initiatives of employees. It renders its organisation and operation transparent. However, the communication budget is often one of the first to be reduced. The communication gap thus created gives rise to disengaged employees, which means the company meanders erratically towards an illusory competitiveness.

Conversely, united employees working together in the same direction and towards the same objective are an incomparable asset in the drive for competitiveness and innovation. A collective group sharing the same objectives, interests and fears is much more effective than a collection of isolated individuals.


Contextualized digital signage increases relevance

We are all harassed by emails, messages and notifications. And how many are really useful or relevant? Drowned out in this multitude the key words aimed at building up the company’s culture, its unity and identity are invisible. The contextualisation of messages, a major asset of digital signage, thus provides an effective alternative to this invisibility.

If digital signage screens are abandoned, then content stagnates, remains static, useless and has no impact. The result is that without novelty, excitement or entertainment, employees no longer look at the screens. Communication no longer has any impact on employees, the team, company life and, ultimately, economic performance. Without results, investments in digital communication are not renewed and projects eventually peter out.

Contextualizing messages provides the necessary relevance for effective communication. Context is thus a vector in the success of digital communication projects, it broadcasts messages at the right time (by adapting to weather, for example), but also constantly varies their type and content. In this way, the information stays relevant, employees remain attentive to the messages disseminated and key communications are seen and remembered.

Digital signage as a vector for dialogue and alignment

Why should a company choose digital signage?

By relaying the company’s ambition, vision and mission, digital signage is a major lever for supporting the company’s culture. The need for individual collaboration and alignment in a common direction is induced by recalling successes and possible avenues of improvement. The dissemination of inspiring messages and business news enhances market knowledge and the company’s positioning in its ecosystem. Decision-making thus becomes better informed through increased awareness of the industrial environment.

By opening up a communication channel for employees, the display screens also maintain cohesion and further strengthen the collective mindset. To this end, special attention must be paid to content, which must be varied, relevant (through context) and visually attractive. As a result, passionate and engaging conversations will emerge and communication will recover its key strategic dimension in the company’s life.

Digital signage informs, entertains and welcomes employees and visitors alike. By extension, its major role in the race for productivity should not be neglected.

Digital signage helps develop and cultivate corporate culture internally in an innovative and intelligent manner. The screens can be used to present new projects, display current objectives, and inform about the overall strategy. They also powerfully engage employees whether the screens are located at headquarters or in the subsidiaries: everyone receives the same messages from the company broadcast in strategic locations such as corridors, meeting rooms, workshops. When located at reception or in waiting areas, they are also used to disseminate the company’s DNA to visiting customers and suppliers. At the same time, digital signage screens open up new innovative technological perspectives such as the import and projection of various content (web page, YouTube video, Internet link...), video production with content creation tools, real-time message reactivity functionalities (weather, traffic...), etc.

Keys to successful internal digital signage

Internal communications: How to choose your digital signage software ?

Carefully select the digital signage tool

When the company wishes to renew its internal communication using new digital tools it should not hastily accept the first player that comes along. Implementing a digital signage solution requires time and reflection. The tool’s functionality and ergonomics must be a perfect match, it must be correctly integrated into the premises in which it is intended to disseminate content, and the company network must be able to handle these new data flows well, etc.  

Agree on a pilot contact for each project

The company that wishes to invest in digital signage screens must also be able to appoint a single contact for greater simplicity. After a short training period conducted by the service provider, the contact can access the interface and begin putting various contents online quickly and intuitively, whether intended for head office, agencies, workshops, or the entire group.

Be supported by the service provider

The selected service provider must support the company from A to Z in its desire to develop a digital signage solution. It must be able to advise the company about the ideal location of screens on the premises and provide short and enhancing training for the contact. It must also be mindful of the company’s new needs and able to develop its solution rapidly in line with their transformation. Only then can a relationship of trust can be established over time.  


Cenareo offers a digital signage solution that reflects your internal communication: the management interface allows you to create, manage and disseminate all your messages on any communication screen.

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