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    May 05, 2020

    Prepare your employees’ return to work

    School closures and lockdown have required every company to readjust the work of their employees. They also had to adapt their communication to cope with the crisis. It is now time to prepare for resuming business and rethink the conditions under which employees will be able to conduct their work safely.
    Here are some keys you can adopt for the end of lockdown and communicate successfully about your organisation when resuming your activity.


    1/ Picking up where you left off

    It’s time to get all your communication tools up and running if you’d put them on hold. For example, if you have a screen and put our tips into action...maybe you had turned them off to save energy. Now it’s time to turn them back on.

    Consider taking stock of your current communication. Perhaps it is no longer relevant!

    2/ Welcome back!

    This gradual return to normality will be an opportunity for you to welcome your staff once again and thank some of them for continuing their work during the crisis.


    3/ Inform

    Starting back up production sites and workplaces will require new health constraints to be implemented. Social distancing between individuals, limiting presence to a certain number of people, compulsory wearing of masks... It will be just as important, if not mandatory, to disseminate the new health measures alongside the barrier gestures existing before the crisis. Prepare now by planning the messages with their frequency and location.

    4/ Prevention first!

    Barrier gestures must become part of our daily lives. Continuing to communicate regularly will also be part of our collective responsibility. Prepare these communications to reflect your image and values.
    For this, you can use tools such as Canva to create personalised visuals easily for dissemination by email or on your digital signage screens. Some CMS provide custom templates or official prevention content.

    5/ Transparency!

    Be clear about the impact of the crisis on your business and the decisions you take to resume activity. Everyone needs to be informed so they can feel part of the momentum and remain enthusiastic. Also remember to inform employees if events have been suspended (trade shows, seminars, etc.).

    6/ Reassuring

    You and your management have well prepared for starting back up by taking every necessary precaution to ensure that everyone has enough masks and hydro-alcoholic gel and communicate on this before the green light.


    7/ Strengthening the link.

    Not all employees will return to the office at the same time and many will continue teleworking. Plan to use a variety of communication tools so no employee is left in the dark and ensure everyone has the same level of information. Mailing, intranet, skype meetings, digital signage, no tool should be neglected!


    To help you create all this content, here are some examples of free tools.

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