Sep 2018

Interactive dynamic point-of-sale display: a new use to generate commitment

Signage is a traditional pillar of point-of-sale communication. In recent years, this medium has digitized to offer communicators innovative opportunities to reach their targets. Their goals:[...]

Digital signage: press 1 if your screen has gone black...

Some content that hasn’t been broadcasted... A black screen... Failed communications… And a robot on the phone: press 1 to know our opening hours...

Though it’s often well hidden, any[...]

Free digital signage: the real cost

Faced with the numerous actors in the digital communication domain, and confronted with the different prices, that aren’t always justified, it can be tempting to set out yourself to create an[...]

Engaging visitors with interactive signage

Digitalised spaces (the shop at the forefront) have become the theatre of numerous animations, often featuring innovative technologies that aim to offer an immersive experience to the visitors.[...]

Digital signage in numbers (2016)

Digital signage has increased in impact and has been able to find its place in the communication strategies of many companies' marketing teams, who have started using this tool ever more[...]

The case of a customer: installing digital signage at Sigfox

Sigfox (worldwide network for the internet of things) uses the Cenareo solution to steer its internal communication screen fleet in its different branches. They chose this solution as a way to[...]

5 tips to position your digital signage screens in the best possible way

Finding the ideal spot for your digital signage screen, a highly complex and tedious task since there are so many details to take into account (target audience, technical constraints, light,[...]

Avoid these errors when positioning your digital signage screens

Identifying the ideal position for a digital signage screen allows you to boost the impact of the broadcasted messages, mostly when this placement is correlated to the targeted audience and the[...]

The right questions to ask yourself when positioning your digital signage screens

The placement of digital signage screens plays a vital role in their success. Though it remains true that the saying: “content is king”, has never been as true as it is today, your content still[...]

How to choose the best placement for your digital signage screens

Sometimes wrongfully delegated to the technical crew, or to the installers, the choice of placement of the screens of a digital signage solution constitutes a significant element in a digital[...]