Sep 2018

Digital signage for your internal communication

Internal communication as a factor of cohesion and motivation

In your reception, and placed in strategic spots of your company, a digital signage solution will inform your visitors and embellish[...]

Connected screens are entering the sports world

For the closing of the Innovation Days, past September 25th, the actors of innovation in Toulouse decided to come to the lake of Labège to participate in the Connected Run. Organised by French[...]

CityMeo joins Microsoft Ventures Paris

The 30th of March that just passed, Microsoft Ventures Paris, Microsoft’s French start up accelerator, announced the start-ups selected for the sixth season. Since its creation in June 2013, the[...]

The new digital signage numbers (2014)

Publicity income from digital signage continues to rise, and has gone up by 13,7% to 49 million euros during the 3 first trimesters, the digital signage climate in France seems to looking good.

POS displays: Publicity on the Point of Sale

Publicity on the POS

Publicity on the POS allows stores to increase sales with a small initial investment and consists in communicating directly on the Point of Sale where the consumer purchases[...]

Digital signage in SaaS mode


The SaaS (Software as a Service) solution is the opposite of the old way of commercialising software. Where you’d previously buy a licence for software that would allow you to get it[...]

Digital signage

What is digital signage?

Digital signage is a new broadcast medium. It’s an innovative communication tool that allows you to broadcast multimedia content (photo’s, video’s, documents, RSS feeds,[...]

In-store digital world

State of the market

The market of digital media has generated more than a 120 million euros in turnover in 2011, that is an increase of 11% in comparison to the previous year. This market is[...]