Sep 2018

Synchronize digital signage screens

The synchronisation of screens happens in a context of content being broadcasted on the screen. It generally happens during the installation of digital signage, that will be the object of this[...]

The results of ISE 2016 by CityMeo

The 13th edition of Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) was held from the 9th to the 12th of February in Amsterdam. This professional exhibition is a reference in our domain, and that of electronic[...]

5 tips to digitize your store

You probably already noticed the digital equipment that has started to appear in stores. You maybe even thought about outfitting your own store? You’re wondering if it’s worth it, but mostly how[...]

Preparing for digital signage

This article concludes a series that treat the question of which architecture to choose for your digital signage system, If you’re not entirely clear on the notion of digital signage, or aren’t[...]

Digital signage to boost the customer experience

Through its openness to the public, and its capacity to evolve digital signage, has proved to be the best communication tool for commercial firms. A product of the most recent technologies, [...]

Digital signage at Christmas user manual

Even more than during the rest of the year, the publicity at the POS is crucial. Seducing the client, attracting their attention, stimulating the compulsive purchase, everything has to be done![...]

6 reasons why you should use digital signage in your store

You can, at first, read our article on Understanding digital signage to familiarize yourself with the subject. A dynamic display will always be better than a simple paper billboard or a flash[...]

No, the store isn't dead!

The first e-commerce sites started appearing fifteen years ago with the democratisation of the internet and personal computers. Since then, they multiplied, taking away parts from the physical[...]

Digital signage at the service of education : 10 reasons to outfit your institution

In an educational institution, information is a valuable resource that should circulate, rapidly, efficiently and to the right people. Whether it be to broadcast class schedules of rooms or[...]

Understanding digital signage

What is digital signage?

Digital signage is a communication tool that makes it possible to broadcast multimedia content, from afar and in realtime, on a network of digital displays located in[...]