Sep 2018

Free digital signage: the real cost

Faced with the numerous actors in the digital communication domain, and confronted with the different prices, that aren’t always justified, it can be tempting to set out yourself to create an[...]

Engaging visitors with interactive signage

Digitalised spaces (the shop at the forefront) have become the theatre of numerous animations, often featuring innovative technologies that aim to offer an immersive experience to the visitors.[...]

The right questions to ask yourself when positioning your digital signage screens

The placement of digital signage screens plays a vital role in their success. Though it remains true that the saying: “content is king”, has never been as true as it is today, your content still[...]

Energizing your communication by the combination of screens and connected objects: the example of the wheel of fortune

Friday morning, 9am You enter your usual shop, a giant screen, turned in your direction, attracts your attention. It invites you to take out your smartphone and play around with it. A scan. A[...]

5 tips to digitize your store

You probably already noticed the digital equipment that has started to appear in stores. You maybe even thought about outfitting your own store? You’re wondering if it’s worth it, but mostly how[...]

Digital signage at Christmas user manual

Even more than during the rest of the year, the publicity at the POS is crucial. Seducing the client, attracting their attention, stimulating the compulsive purchase, everything has to be done![...]

Preparing yourself #8: Prices and rates

This is article number 8 in a series on the choice of system architecture for your digital signage project, If you’re not entirely clear on the notion of digital signage, or aren’t familiar with[...]

Preparing yourself #4: Training and getting started

This is the fourth article in a series about the choice of architecture for your digital signage system, if you’re not entirely sure about what that is, or not entirely familiar with the different[...]

Digital signage: Preparing yourself well

Digital signage is a communication tool that enables us to broadcast messages, in the form of multimedia content to an audience, that might be big or small, heterogeneous or not, with the goal of

What is the place of sound in digital signage?

Now that the digital world is taking a bigger and bigger role in the development of companies and that numerous signage screens start to pop up everywhere, it may seem interesting to add a new[...]