June 24, 2020

    Digital signage and sustainability

    It’s up to all of us to reduce our carbon footprints in every aspect of our lives at home and at work, and digital signage is no exception. Using digital signage is fully compatible with working in a sustainable way, especially if you consider low energy options when you’re choosing equipment and suppliers.

    Compared to what it replaces – paper signage – the digital alternative already removes a significant amount of resource-intensive printing, paper use and deliveries from your day to day running costs. And you shouldn’t stop there. In these two guides we look at some strategies for reducing your energy consumption even further so you can go greener with digital signage.  

    1/ Go green with your digital signage hardware

    energy star

    The screens you choose will have the biggest impact on the amount of energy you use, so make energy consumption part of your list when you’re thinking about what to buy. We look at how to find a lower energy display, how to reduce your energy usage and how to responsibly dispose of screens at the end of their life.


    2/ Go green with your digital signage software

    green digital signage softwareAfter displays, the next part of your digital signage set up to think about is your digital signage content management system (CMS). There are a few things to consider here: the player that the CMS is compatible with, any features included to help you save energy, and data storage, that is, what data centre provider the company works with and the environmental policies of that data centre. 



    Cenareo is a digital signage solution designed to communicate with an unlimited number of screens in real-time. We created a SaaS platform which allows brands to show any type of contextualised dynamic content.

    More about the solution

    What are we doing to help you run a more sustainable business?
    We include Raspberry Pi as our standalone media player, it has a very low power consumption, about ten times less than a standard signage player. As a cloud-based digital service provider, especially one that handles a large amount of image and video data for our customers, we’re aware that we’re driving demand for data centres, which in turn drives demand for energy. That’s why we chose a data centre partner – Microsoft – who has been carbon neutral since 2012 and is working to power its centres with 100 percent renewable energy.

    Every choice we make allows us to limit the impact of our activities, for example, including an energy saving feature that lets you centrally turn all your signage displays off overnight. We’re working every day to improve the sustainability of digital signage, so that companies can take a more inventive, informed approach to their communication.

    More about our commitment here.

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