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    September 04, 2018

    Franchises and point of sale networks: standardize your brand image with digital signage!


    Why is it important to have a consistent branding accross your network ? A network operator delegates the communication of its identity to his affiliates. But how does one ensure its control and its good exploitation? To answer this problem, it is essential to examine the question of communication at the point of sale.

    Point of sale communication as a brand image tool

    The brand perception, i.e. the brand image, is a belief system that allows the consumer to make the brand a benchmark: this brand responds to such a level of quality, price, or experience. If perception remains stable and is shared by all consumers, the brand is reliable.

    But if the image is not constant from one point of sale to another, it can lead to a loss of reference, and therefore trust, on the part of customers.

    The in-store customer experience is an essential component of the brand image. One of the pillars of the experience is communication at the point of sale: where/how can I be informed about the product/brand/offer? What is the quality of this information and its content?

    The difficult control of in-store communication by franchisors and network managers

    A brand is managed at the global level, but the franchisees and sales outlets are at the local relays.

    If the campaigns and the tone of communication in the store must be consistent, there is a real opportunity to let the franchisee or affiliate have his say. Indeed, he knows his local targets better, has more control over his specificities, and can thus animate his point of sale, guarantee that information stays up to date and show some flexibility while communicating. But the franchisee or outlet manager does not necessarily have the tools to create, distribute or update his messaging. Thus, for lack of time or means, local messages are abandoned, or worse, not or badly exploited. 

    In addition, it should also be stressed that it is difficult for the head office to manage the life of global campaigns throughout the network, due to a lack of visibility on the actions carried out in stores. This lack of visibility does not allow headquarters to act as a counselor or help on local initiatives.

    Digital signage: master communication and generate local opportunities

    Digital signage makes it possible to remotely manage and broadcast content across an entire fleet of screens..

    Bringing together national communication and the local specificities of points of sale

    Management of national or regional campaigns

    By deploying a centralized, remotely controlled communication system common to all its points of sale, the network manager can ensure the dissemination of campaigns throughout its network. In addition to perfectly synchronizing the time parameters of his campaign, he can manage the location parameters by a park segmentation system. He thus remains in control of the criteria for the dissemination of its communications.

    In addition to making messages consistent between points of sale, digital signage, piloted in SaaS mode, makes them consistent across all communication channels. It is true that web campaigns, flash promotions by email, even over short periods, can be relayed and scheduled on all stores in a synchronized way.

    Collaborative management: balanced screen sharing

    Collaborative management of the screen fleet, via the distribution of voice shares, enables the various players to share messaging time. The franchisee must be able to address its customers according to their habits, regional specificities, or even according to stocks of goods or special promotions. However, giving the franchisee a voice does not imply the loss of brand identity control: since a management platform is a centralized tool, the content distributed remains visible to administrators.

    Simple handling

    It is essential to offer a comfortable solution both in terms of organization and use: the handling must be simple, whether for the management of a screen by a non-communicator, or for the deployment of campaigns throughout the park.

    The connected screen: a unique tool for different communication objectives

    Digital signage is a tool for standardizing communication between different physical points of sale but also between different channels. Thus, it can be part of an omnichannel and a homogeneous communication strategy that leaves room for personalization. It is a flexible and unique communication medium that meets different messaging objectives: promotional or institutional content or product information, and many others, according to the local needs.

    Digital signage in Saas Mode, a tool for consistent communication

    Digital signage is a wonderful tool to keep the control of your communication in store and at the same time to give franchisees and managers the possibility to reach their targets. With your communication under control, you benefit from a uniform brand image that enhances your brand, not only for consumers, but also for franchisees and future franchisees.


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