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Position of screens in an outlet: successful strategies

Check out our tips and examples of successful strategies on where to place your outlet displays ✔️ Properly install and place screens ✔️

Making an outlet more attractive and efficient is the priority of the marketing and sales managers of major brands. To achieve this, digital signage is a frequently used tool. This raises operational questions:


How to install screens at the outlet? Where to deploy them? How to ensure they will be seen?


To choose the right location for your screens and make your store a successful outlet, let’s look at best practices and examples that have proven successful for major brands. 


✌️ Two strategic areas for deploying communication screens 

Many content strategies coexist within the same network of screens, but two main trends can be seen, depending on the areas where the screens are installed. In an outlet, there are two major areas in which to install your digital signage: waiting areas and areas of passage. 


Waiting areas ⏱️

Nobody likes to wait, but this is unavoidable in the retail world. Whether it’s at the checkout or waiting for a salesperson to become available to answer customer questions, excessive or poorly managed waiting creates a disappointing experience.


👉 Adding screens at these times reduces the sense of waiting. Because the mind is occupied, the perception of waiting time is reduced. 

position digital signage

👀Example of a successful strategy

Boulanger has installed screens near the checkouts to limit perceived waiting time. Customers can thus watch national content (new offer, product release, communication of a major brand, etc.) or local content over which each store can have control.

screen boulangerWith monetisation, retailers can broadcast sponsored messages from major brands that, with the screens, are able to remind people of their message directly at the outlet. This is a great way to make your screen network more profitable and provide a better customer experience.  


Areas of passage 🌠

They are characterised by continuous movements where the gaze rarely remains fixed. This is the case of a shop window for example, the entrance of a shop or a commercial area.

👉Screens installed in high-traffic areas are designed to attract attention, instil an idea or an emotion, and introduce or remind people of the brand name. The message must therefore be short, visual, with a very legible font and strong contrasting colours. 


👀 Example of a successful strategy ⬇️

The NAP group, which manages the Maison de la Presse stores has installed screens in its shop windows reminding passers-by of the group’s offer. This is best practice for promoting an offer that is sometimes little known (press, bookshop, telephony, games/toys, snacks, tobacco, stationery, parcel delivery, breakdown service, etc.). 

NAP maison de la presse


Customise your screens according to the configuration of your premises 📶

Each store may be different within large retail networks. Not only in its configuration, its space, but also according to its customers (Paris/province, urban/rural, etc.).


You can customise the customer experience by setting up your screens in a very flexible way. Connected via Wi-Fi, they do not require any fitting out and can be set up by your teams on site in the most suitable places (waiting areas, shop windows, areas of friction, etc.), without having to send installers to all your stores. 

More about the solution


Cenareo is the specialist in digital signage. From the position of the screen to training your team, our teams will support you throughout your projects. A great way to facilitate the transition to digital signage to ensure your network has effective and high added value outlets. 

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