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Retail marketing and in-store digital signage, your performance trump card

How is an in-store advertising screen going to increase your sales? What strategy to adopt to achieve your objectives? Did you know that, besides gaining in visibility, this type of digital communication enables you to generate a significant rise in your turnover? 

Stores have very readily adopted digital signage to enter into the digital era and above all to bring greater visibility, better efficiency and a much-improved performance to their POS display. As a professional, you are certainly looking for profitability…

How is an in-store advertising screen going to increase your sales? What strategy to adopt to achieve your objectives? Did you know that, besides gaining in visibility, this type of digital communication enables you to generate a significant rise in your turnover? 



       An average increase in sales of 24% can be              observed during a digital signage campaign*

Your strengths
under the spotlight thanks to digital display

The first value-added message to broadcast is the promotion of your offer: all your products and services!

Then you can use the screens to announce new items and all the strong value-added elements of your store, via on-screen advertising spots, for example.

If you have a new member joining your sales team then this is the time to showcase this person with a presentation thanks to an in-store advertising screen. If you are adding a new reference in the catalogue, take the opportunity to let your customers know about it. If you are offering a new service (of loyalty for example), show it on a screen and explain it...

So, take the time to identify your assets in order to transform them into an opportunity then convert it via an on-screen display. In this way you capitalise on the most profitable strengths of your store.

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Showcase your store promotions

Do you want to clear out part of your stock by offering a promotion or a reduction to your customers? In this event, the on-screen display within your store is an excellent way to achieve this objective.

How ? By making a few-seconds-long advertising spot, a presentation or a simulation which will be disseminated at your store's checkout area, in a targeted department, or even on a window display screen to attract passers-by. 

It's known that nowadays 1 person in 5 has made an unplanned purchase after viewing a sequence from a dynamic display*

In-store digital signage campaigns are a particularly efficient tool to engender a desire to purchase.

Tips: it is recommended to build your communication campaigns by offering visitors the presentation of complementary or similar products. The direct consequence of this technique is an increase of the average basket. 

A dynamic and interactive attractiveness to generate turnover and store footfall

The screen easily captures the attention of customers in the departments or windows of a store. Instinctively, the eye finds itself drawn to the screen and the image is imprinted in the minds of visitors.

Thanks to the installation of dynamic screens and point-of-sale activities, you will be able to attract customers into your store. Simple, effective and clever. Direct the natural attraction that the screens exercise on people to bring them to your window and down the aisles of your store.

By means of one or several on-screen campaigns (shop windows and/or in the aisles of your store), you can attract new customers, boost sales, dispose of your stock or your surplus, and attain your objectives

digital signage écran en vitrine de magasin

Invite the virtual into the real with retail digital signage

Customers are increasingly aware of new technologies. By installing a dynamic display at your point of sale, you are subtly mixing the real and virtual. You are expanding the digital experience that procures a smartphone during a customer experience by linking communication channels.

The user experience is then largely enriched by digital signage. Your creativity then becomes your greatest weapon. Try to involve the visitor in your world thanks to digital.

Have you got a Digital signage project in the pipeline ?

The in-store digital screens are an efficient and powerful way of doing a point-of-sale promotion and for sending a message. The digital signage software programs allow you to create and disseminate your messages on these screens.

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*source : Popai, 2007


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