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Software and screens: a strategic duo for retailers

About the importance of the screen-CMS alchemy for a digital signage project.

The Cenareo - Samsung partnership announced in October 2019 is the ideal opportunity to underline the importance of the screen-CMS alchemy for a digital signage project.

The importance of choosing professional display software

Like many professionals, you need to gain market share, increase your turnover, promote your shop or simply display your advertising campaigns on screens. To do this you need a powerful and intuitive CMS that allows you to control advertising campaigns on your screens.

Cenareo or the new generation of digital signage

Cenareo is a solution for the management of screen-based campaigns. The CMS is aimed at professionals seeking to transpose their shop into the digital world.

Simple and intuitive, the Cenareo solution is specialised in ‘context-driven marketing’. Users of the solution can automate their communication according to customisable criteria. Contextualisation can be done according to weather, stock status, socio-demographic data, etc. The solution can be interfaced with any connected data.

Optimal rendering for your in-store advertising campaigns

Digital signage works very well, but becomes even better with quality equipment. Although the aesthetics of the messages and the relevance of their display context are paramount, the design and quality of the media, the screens, are a prerequisite for a quality rendering.


Example of Cenareo-Samsung integration: a strategic choice

As Europe's leading retailer, Samsung displays meet this aesthetic criterion. Its alliance with Cenareo opens up very positive prospects for customers. The CMS is integrated into the Tizen screens. What does that mean?

Integration with Samsung Signage Platform Displays greatly simplifies the installation and maintenance of the displays (and the solution) by eliminating the need for external, physical players.

Users of the solution can now use their Samsung displays to promote their products based on the weather, enhance their brand image, create in-store experiences and improve customer satisfaction.’- David Keribin, co-founder of Cenareo.

Compatibility, a must for the future

You should know that Cenareo has been developed with Android, Windows and Raspberry Pi compatibility.

This compatibility is designed to offer retailers a comprehensive, fluid solution to meet the challenges of tomorrow:  diverse screen networks, installations that can be adapted to the change of seasons.


Learn more about the solution, here.

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