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Point-of-sale digitalization: what are the benefits and by what means?

Offering a unique customer experience is the purpose of point-of-sale digitalization. Discover a concept that pushes the boundaries of physical stores.

Point-of-sale digitalization consists of the integration of technological tools in physical stores. It is the result of changes in the behavior and expectations of consumers, who are increasingly inclined to order on the Internet. To make customers want to go to a shop, brands have redesigned their shopping experience to offer them a unique and tailored phygital experience, based on a strong online and in-store interaction and an increased sense of service.  Find out what point-of-sale digitalization is all about, what its benefits are for retailers, and how it can be achieved.

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What are the advantages of digitalizing your point of sale?

Nowadays many customers go to a shop to evaluate a product before buying it online, at an attractive price and with ever shorter delivery times. To make a customer want to go to a store and make a purchase, but also to fight against the competition between traditional stores and e-commerce, brands have developed smart stores. The latter benefit both store-to-Web and Web-to-store and offer a dynamic universe, a link between the two worlds.

Stand out from the competition

Point-of-sale digitalization is a differentiating factor for retailers that want to stand out thanks to the opportunities offered by technologies in physical stores. Smart stores reveal a desire for innovation and increase the attractiveness of the brand image. They also demonstrate an awareness of the stakes linked to customer experience.

Develop customer experience

Point-of-sale digitalization enables a new and enhanced shopping experience that goes beyond the services to which the customer has access online. The latter can immerse themselves in the brand experience and understand its products with all their senses. In addition, customers have new demands in terms of services, which are met by digital solutions.

Generate more qualified traffic and more sales

Digitalized points of sale have the advantage of attracting more potential customers: a retailer that offers free delivery for click-and-collect orders, therefore, encourages its customers into its physical spaces. This type of transaction has a beneficial effect on sales, as it tends to increase the average basket size and increases the chances of making additional sales.

Increase sales capacity

Point-of-sale digitalization allows retailers to expand the limits of their catchment area. In synergy with a website, brands maximize the scope of their offer over a region or even internationally, freeing themselves from geographical barriers.

Deepen customer knowledge

Point-of-sale digitalization offers retailers the opportunity to get closer to their target audience in order to understand their purchasing habits and better meet their expectations. Digital tools allow you to follow and analyze customer experience and buying behavior with precision.


Point-of-sale digitalization tools

Brands have many tools to offer an innovative omnichannel customer experience, as well as services in line with their universe. These technological tools contribute to point-of-sale digitalization by pushing the shopping experience to its peak.

Smart kiosks

Smart kiosks are touch screens designed to consult a catalog or place an order with a few clicks. They offer fast, centralized access to a retailer’s entire product range, without the problems of stock issues and limited display space.

Digital cash registers

Using their smartphone and a dedicated application, customers can pay for their purchases instantly with various means of payment, thanks to sales assistants equipped with connected terminals. Dematerializing payments by means of digital cash registers reduces waiting time at the checkout and offers retailers centralized management of their catalog and stock.

Smart fitting rooms

The fitting room remains a thorny issue in the customer experience; it can hinder a purchase if it is too cramped, poorly lit, or equipped with unflattering mirrors. With smart fitting rooms, retailers enable their customers to scan the items they are trying on so that a sales assistant can bring a different size or color without them having to leave the fitting room.

Digital signage

Digital signage can be used to display customized information and attractive content, but also to interact with customers in-store. In a window display or in the store area, it attracts traffic, guides visitors in their shopping experience, and offers them a pleasant waiting time at the checkout. With Cenareo’s solution for in-store digital signage, connect all your screens and benefit from a carefully considered broadcasting context to increase the impact of your communications. As a new point point-of-sale digitalization tool, it enhances the in-store customer experience and meets the expectations of consumers who are increasingly demanding and attentive to a unique customized shopping experience.

More about retail digital signage

Take advantage of digital signage for window displays with Cenareo, your partner for digital signage in point-of-sale networks. Attract your customers and encourage them to repeat the in-store shopping experience by integrating digital signage into your concept.

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