April 20, 2020

    Three reasons to use digital signage in car dealerships

    Automotive dealers can use digital signage to engage customers and improve their experience in the showroom. Buying or choosing a car to lease is an exciting thing to do - it’s also a major expense - so it should feel more special than other shopping transactions. By adding digital signage, brands can elevate the look and feel of their dealerships and they can use their displays to strengthen brand identity, promote offers and build trust with customers. Here we look at that in practice, discussing how car and motorcycle companies and franchisees can make the most of digital signage. 

    Strengthen brand identity

    Selling cars is a tough business, lots of competition, an expensive product and a customer with a smartphone in their hand to check prices and details online. Car dealers need to make the most of one of their key strengths, their brand identity. Many people feel loyal to their car brand, and personally associate with it. Having digital signage means that dealers can play the latest video content for their models in the showroom, bringing customers into the brand’s world. As an automotive brand, you can upload and schedule this type of content centrally, using a digital signage solution that lets you control screens across multiple locations, making sure all your dealerships are playing the latest ads and messaging.  

    car dealership digital signage

    Promote local information

    As well as using signage to show beautiful content about the brand, you can use it to let customers know about local news and offers. Having a signage solution that allows multiple users – at a central and a local level – means that franchisees can add their own content too and promote locally relevant information. To keep your audience’s attention, make sure your content isn’t repetitive, particularly if people might be in the showroom for long enough to see several loops of the same messages.

    You can add in features like weather responsiveness and data feed integration, which are two powerful ways to keep your content fresh. With weather responsive advertising, you can set content to show under certain conditions, showing people a highly relevant and engaging message. With social feed integration, you can add content from social accounts into your signage, which you can use both as a source of new content and for interaction.

    Build trust

    Make sure that people don’t use your showroom to test drive a car or bike, but then buy somewhere else, by promoting your great service and reliability as a seller. Think about configuring one of your digital signage screens as a social media wall showing positive reviews from existing customers and use user-generated content to build trust in your company. You can also automatically pull comments from review sites to do the same job.

    Case study: Triumph and Cenareo

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    Iconic British motorcycle brand Triumph wanted to revamp its digital signage solution. It had one screen in each of its 72 dealerships, but the content was managed by USB stick, so it was time-consuming for dealers to change and keep up to date. Content that should have changed frequently was often out-of-date. The brand needed a different approach that meant they could keep control of their communications and provide dealerships with up to the minute content about new models. 

    To lighten the load on dealers, Triumph chose Cenareo’s digital signage content management solution to centralise screen content. With the marketing team in charge of uploading and scheduling new images and videos, dealers only had to worry about keeping their screens plugged in. Today, each showroom has at least one display and communication campaigns are updated by Triumph HQ. Julie Boulangier, Triumph marketing coordinator explains;

    For years, we have been working to strengthen our brand image. To lighten our concessions’ workload, we were looking for a simple tool to centralize content management on screens. That's why we choose Cenareo, it was the most efficient solution.

    With national campaigns featuring product launches and branded content, the marketing team also adapt the content of the screens to specific local requirements: they can be grouped by region to highlight a specific event, such as the Distinguished Gentlemen's Ride or for regional motorcycle shows. Communication can also be made for a single concession to promote a special offer or a themed evening.

    At Cenareo, we support you every step of the way on your digital signage journey; we offer rapid, personalised support and assistance to every client and have experience working in many sectors. Get in touch to talk to our experts about your project.

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